Request your licenCe

If you decide to order the full show licence (ShowBox), just click on the "Request Licence" button. 

Once you’ve e-mailed with the request. 

If your request is approved, we will respond with three digital forms:


    1. 1)Introductory letter
    2. 2)Performance Licence Agreement– which must be completed and returned to us
    3. 3)Order form– opportunity to order extras of the physical products found in the ShowBox


Please print out, sign, scan and send back the Performance Licence Agreement.

After we received the signed document, we will send out your ShowBox!
For any questions relating to the licence, please e-mail

Request Licence


Perusal packsPurchase your perusal packs now

To learn more about any musical in the Young@Part Collection, a Perusal Pack is available for each show at a cost of £16.95 plus shipping. The perusal pack includes a Cast Script/Vocal Book and audio CD containing all of the music from the show.