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Woodwind Instruments & Accessories  from the best known brands, including  Aulos, Hohner, Trevor James and woodwind accessories - you'll find what you need. Musicroom sells a wide range of woodwind musical instruments and accessories, including recorders, saxophones and even kazoos!
22 product(s) found in Woodwind Instruments & Accessories
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Item No. YAMBYCL255S
Yamaha: B Flat Clarinet Outfit
Item No. YAMBYCL255S
€ 687,70
Item No. JMI4456
J Michael: B Flat Clarinet Outfit
Item No. JMI4456
€ 219,95
Item No. ROLAE01
€ 162,21
Item No. TJ3703
€ 291,45
Item No. TJ57C5
€ 497,25
Item No. ROLAE05
€ 475,60
Item No. ODYOCL120
Odyssey: Debut Clarinet Outfit W/Case
Item No. ODYOCL120
€ 245,70
Item No. ROLAE10G
Roland: AE10 Aerophone Digital Wind Instrument
Item No. ROLAE10G
Roland Aerophone
€ 789,75
Item No. STG20794
€ 24,90
Item No. HOH001062
Hohner: Fire Melodica 32 Key Red & Black
Item No. HOH001062
€ 77,99
Item No. JTRJCL750SQ
€ 937,10
Item No. JTRJCL700SQ
€ 566,60
Item No. ODYOCL400
Odyssey: Premiere Clarinet With Case
Item No. ODYOCL400
€ 427,70
€ 172,90
Item No. STG21033
€ 215,60
Item No. OAS3700
Odyssey Symphonique Eb Alto Sax
Item No. OAS3700
Alto Saxophone Alto Saxophone
€ 1.103,70
Item No. HOH001063
€ 84,49
Item No. FLG6589
€ 5,95
Item No. VOG1169
€ 20,97
Item No. BAM6579
€ 8,15
Item No. VOG1168
€ 22,65
Item No. VOG853
Wau-Wau Schiebeflöte
Item No. VOG853
Flute Flute Solo
€ 9,95