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To celebrate the summer holidays, we're offering educators the chance to double their discount on a number of popular series and publishers. The deals will run through July and August, with new offers every Monday, so take advantage of a massive 20% off while you can! Offer is valid on orders over £40.

This week: Music Theory!

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Learning Music Theory is now easier than ever. Clear, concise and … fun! The perfect complement to ABRSM grades 1-5, children & teachers love Blitzbooks. For this week only the series is 20% off for those signed up to the Educator’s Discount. Use code BTS04 at checkout


20% off - code BTS04

 Novello has portrait & landscape manuscript paper pads in various sizes so you and your students can write down those songs & symphonies!

Novello A4 Manuscript Paper - 20% off use the code BTS04 at checkout


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Novello A3 Manuscript Paper 

Each manuscript book comes with a different amount of blank staves to serve your particular teaching or compositional needs - 20% off use the code BTS04 at checkout

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Novello A5 Manuscript Paper

Choose interleaved or fixed pages with the range of Novello manuscript books - 20% off use the code BTS04 at checkout