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Oxford Solo Songs Sacred: Voice

Vocal Score | Sheet Music & Songbooks
Instrumentation Piano/Vocal/Organ
Publisher Oxford University Press

This beautiful collection of 16 songs for Vocal score includes favourite settings by some of Oxford's best-loved composers. Each song is presented with piano or organ accompaniment, and a CD of backing tracks is included. With a wonderful selection of texts, this is the perfect collection for use in both services and concerts.

Store Sheet Music & Songbooks
Product Format Vocal Score
Genre Sacred
Pages 64
ISBN 9780193365810
Edition Number 9780193365810
Catalog No. OUP9780193365810
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  1. A Duo (Richard Farnaby)
  2. A Galiard Ground (William Inglot)
  3. A Gigg [Byrd, William]
  4. A Gigge - Doctor Bull's My Selfe [Bull, John]
  5. A Gigge (Giles Farnaby)
  6. A Gigge [Bull, John]
  7. A Grounde (Thomas Tomkins)
  8. A Maske [Farnaby, Giles]
  9. A Medley (Byrd)
  10. A Toy [Anon]
  11. A Toye [Anon]
  12. A Toye [Farnaby, Giles]
  13. Allemanda (Merchant)
  14. Allemanda [Anon]
  15. Alman (Byrd)
  16. Alman [Anon]
  17. Alman [Johnson, Robert]
  18. Alman [Johnson, Robert] [Farnaby, Giles]
  19. Alman [Morley, Thomas]
  20. An Almain [Anon]
  21. Barafostus' Dream (Thomas Tomkins)
  22. Bonny Sweet Robin [Farnaby, Giles]
  23. Callino Casturame [Byrd, William]
  24. Can Shee [Anon]
  25. Christe Redemptor (John Bull)
  26. Coranto [Byrd, William]
  27. Corranto (Hooper)
  28. Corranto [Anon]
  29. Dalling Alman (Anon)
  30. Daphne (Giles Farnaby)
  31. Dr. Bull's Juel (John Bull)
  32. Exercise (Anon)
  33. Fantasia [Byrd, William]
  34. Fantasia [Farnaby, Giles]
  35. Fantasia [Morley, Thomas]
  36. Farmer's Paven (Giles Farnaby)
  37. Farnabye's Conceit [Farnaby, Giles]
  38. Fayne Would I Wedd [Farnaby, Richard]
  39. Felix Namque [Tallis, Thomas]
  40. Galiard To The Quadran Paven
  41. Galiarda (Byrd)
  42. Galiarda (Giles Farnaby)
  43. Galiarda (Thomas Morley)
  44. Galiarda (William Tisdall)
  45. Galiarda [Bull, John]
  46. Galiarda [Harding, James] [Byrd, William]
  47. Galliard (Byrd)
  48. Galliarda (Byrd)
  49. Giles Farnaby's Dreame [Farnaby, Giles]
  50. Grounde (Giles Farnaby)
  51. Hanskin (Richard Farnaby)
  52. His Humour [Farnaby, Giles]
  53. His Rest - Galiard [Farnaby, Giles]
  54. In Nomine (John Bull)
  55. In Nomine (Parsons)
  56. Jhonson's Medley (Edward Johnson)
  57. La Volta [Byrd, William]
  58. La Volta [Morley, Thomas] [Byrd, William]
  59. Lachrimae Pavan [Dowland, John]
  60. Lady Montegle's Paven (Byrd)
  61. Lady Riche (Anon)
  62. Loth To Depart [Farnaby, Giles]
  63. Mal Sims (Giles Farnaby)
  64. Malt's Come Down (Byrd)
  65. Meridian Alman (Set By Giles Farnaby)
  66. Miserere 4 Parts (Byrd)
  67. Miserere. 3 Parts (Byrd)
  68. Miserere. 3 Parts (John Bull)
  69. Munday's Joy (John Munday)
  70. Muscadin (Giles Farnaby)
  71. Nobody's Gigge [Farnaby, Richard]
  72. Nowel's Galliard (Anon)
  73. Pakington's Pownde. (Anon). The Irishe Dumpe (Anon)
  74. Pavana ? Lachrymae (Thomas Morley)
  75. Pavana (Byrd)
  76. Pavana (Giles Farnaby)
  77. Pavana (John Bull)
  78. Pavana (Morley) Galliarda (Morley)
  79. Pavana (Thomas Tomkins)
  80. Pavana [Gibbons, Orlando]
  81. Pavana Fantasia (Byrd)
  82. Pavana Lachrymae [Dowland, John] [Byrd, William]
  83. Pavana. Canon 2 In 1 (Byrd)
  84. Pavana. Delight. (Edward Johnsonset By Byrd)
  85. Pawles Wharfe (Giles Farnaby)
  86. Pescodd Time (Byrd)
  87. Pipers Galliard (John Bull)
  88. Pipers Paven (Martin Peerson)
  89. Praeludium (Anon)
  90. Praeludium (Giles Farnaby)
  91. Praeludium (John Bull)
  92. Praeludium In The Dorian Mode (John Bull)
  93. Psalme (J. P. Sweelinck) Alman (Robert Johnson)
  94. Put Up Thy Dagger Jemy [Farnaby, Giles]
  95. Quodlings Delight (Giles Farnaby)
  96. Rosasolis [Farnaby, Giles]
  97. Rosseter's Galiard (Giles Farnaby)
  98. Sr Jhon Grayes Galiard [Anon]
  99. Tell Me, Daphne (Giles Farnaby)
  100. The Duchesse Of Brunwick's Toye (John Bull)
  101. The Duke Of Brunswick's Alman (John Bull)
  102. The Fall Of The Leafe [Peerson, Martin]
  103. The Flatt Pavan (Giles Farnaby)
  104. The Hunting Galliard (Thomas Tomkins)
  105. The King's Hunt (John Bull)
  106. The King's Morisco (Anon)
  107. The L. Zouches Maske (Giles Farnaby)
  108. The Leaves Be Greene (William Inglot)
  109. The Maydens Song (Byrd)
  110. The New Sa-Hoo [Farnaby, Giles]
  111. The Old Spagnoletta (Giles Farnaby)
  112. The Primerose [Peerson, Martin]
  113. The Quadran Paven [Byrd, William]
  114. The Queenes Alman (Byrd)
  115. The Spanish Paven (John Bull)
  116. Tower Hill [Farnaby, Giles]
  117. Transcription Of 'ay Me, Poore Heart' (Giles Farnaby)
  118. Up Tails All (Giles Farnaby)
  119. Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La A 4 Voci (Sweelinck)
  120. Variatio Ejusdem (John Bull)
  121. Walter Erle's Paven (Giles Farnaby)
  122. Watkins' Ale [Anon]
  123. Why Aske You [Farnaby, Giles]
  124. Wolseys Wilde [Byrd, William]
  125. Wooddy-cook (Giles Farnaby)
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