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Complete Chet Atkins Guitar Method

Instrumental Tutor | Tuition
Instrumentation Guitar [Fingerpicking]
Composer Tommy Flint
Composer Chet Atkins
Publisher Mel Bay Publications
This is an updated edition of Chet Atkin's famous Guitar method. It contains numerous picking studies, chord etudes and great Atkin's style Guitar solos. Written in notation and tablature. Includes access to online audio.
Store Tuition
Product Format Instrumental Tutor
Genre Method
Release Date 2016
Pages 108
ISBN 9780786691470
Edition Number MLB93232M
Catalog No. MB93232M
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  1. Tuning the Guitar
  2. Another Method of Tuning
  3. Pitch Pipes
  4. Electronic Tuners
  5. The Rudiments of Music
  6. The Staff
  7. The Clef
  8. Notes
  9. Note Values
  10. Rests
  11. Notes and Comparative Rests
  12. The Time Signature
  13. Ledger Lines
  14. The Fingerboard
  15. Charts
  16. The Correct Way to Hold the Guitar
  17. Tablature
  18. The Notes on the Sixth String ( E)
  19. The Notes on the Fifth String (A)
  20. Whole-Notes
  21. Half-Notes
  22. Quarter-Notes
  23. The Notes on the Fourth String (D)
  24. The Notes on the E6, A5, and D4 Strings
  25. The Six Five Jive
  26. Yankee Doodle
  27. How Can I Leave Thee
  28. The Notes on the Third String (G)
  29. A Study on the Third String
  30. Lightly Row
  31. Running the Basses
  32. The Notes on the Second String (B)
  33. The Notes on the First String ( E)
  34. Three-Four Time
  35. Dotted Half-Notes
  36. Colonial Waltz
  37. Right Hand Development
  38. Alpha
  39. Two String Harmony
  40. A Picking Study
  41. Pick Up Notes
  42. Two and One
  43. Tone
  44. Tempo
  45. The Tie
  46. First and Second Endings
  47. Chromatics
  48. The Sharp
  49. The Flat
  50. The Natural
  51. Accidentally On Purpose
  52. Music in Two Parts
  53. Right Hand Etude
  54. Fingerstyle Etude
  55. The Key of C
  56. The C Scale
  57. Chords in the Key of C
  58. 3/4 Accompaniment Style
  59. 4/4 Accompaniment
  60. Home, Home, Can I Forget Thee
  61. Remembering Home
  62. Alternate Basses
  63. With Melody Notes
  64. Long, Long Ago
  65. The Marine Hymn
  66. Martha
  67. The Eighth Note
  68. Eighth Notes and Eighth Rests
  69. The Scale in Eighth Notes
  70. A Scale Study
  71. An Eighth Note Study
  72. Tiptoe
  73. Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
  74. The Caissons Go Rolling Along
  75. The Blue Tail Fly
  76. Bicycle Built for Two
  77. Oh, My Darling Clementine
  78. My Mountain Home
  79. Two-Four Time
  80. The Key of A Minor
  81. The A Minor Scale (Harmonic)
  82. Melodic
  83. The Chords in the Key of A Minor
  84. Etude
  85. A Minor Study
  86. The Wayfarin' Stranger
  87. Dotted Quarter Notes
  88. America the Beautiful
  89. How to Count Triplets
  90. Triplets
  91. The Key of G
  92. The G Scale
  93. The Scale Study
  94. Three in One
  95. Chords in the Key of G
  96. Accompaniment Styles in the Key of G
  97. Old Folks at Home
  98. Home on the Range
  99. Red River Valley
  100. The Key of E Minor (Relative to G Major)
  101. Two E Minor Scales
  102. The Chords in the Key of E Minor
  103. Accompaniment Styles in the Key of E Minor
  104. Waltz in E Minor
  105. The Key of F
  106. The F Major Scale (Two Octaves)
  107. Triplet Etude
  108. The Chords in the Key of F
  109. Accompaniment Styles
  110. May
  111. March Majestic
  112. Sixteenth-Notes
  113. Table of Notes and Rests
  114. Prelude
  115. Single String Sixteenths
  116. The Notes on the Second String
  117. The C Scale in Thirds
  118. Notes on the Fifth Fret
  119. The Key of D Minor (Relative to F Major)
  120. The D Minor Scales
  121. The Chords in the Key of D Minor
  122. Accompaniment Styles (Common Time)
  123. Prelude in D Minor
  124. Mist in the Valley
  125. The Key of D Major
  126. The D Major Scale
  127. The Chords in the Key of D Major
  128. The D Scale in Two Octaves
  129. The Street of Laredo
  130. Smoky Mountain Lullaby
  131. Thirds in the Key of D
  132. Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
  133. The Key of B Minor (Relative to D Major)
  134. The B Minor Scales
  135. Etude in B Minor
  136. The Chords in the Key of B Minor
  137. Southern Picking
  138. Love Song
  139. The Key of A
  140. The Chords in the Key of A
  141. The Musical Notation of the Chords
  142. Six-Eight Time
  143. The Carnival of Venice
  144. The Notes on the Third String
  145. The A Scale
  146. G String Etude
  147. The Notes on the Fourth String
  148. A Table of Notes on the First, Second, Third and Fourth Strings
  149. Smooth
  150. Tenting Tonight
  151. The Key of F# Minor (Relative to A Major)
  152. Two F# Minor Scales
  153. The Chords in the Key of F# Minor
  154. The Key of E Major
  155. The Chords in the Key of E Major
  156. Careless Love
  157. More Chromatic Signs
  158. Ode to Bob
  159. Chopin's Prelude
  160. Spanish Fandango
  161. Just As I Am
  162. John Henry
  163. Me and Merle
  164. Wimoweh
  165. Liebestraum
  166. Czardas
  167. Yankee Doodle Dixie
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