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Essential Flamenco Guitar: Volume 1

Instrumental Tutor | Tuition
Instrumentation Guitar [Flamenco]
Composer Juan Martin
Publisher Mel Bay Publications

In this easy-to-follow book and DVD set, Juan Martin and Patrick Campbell provide a thorough introduction to flamenco Guitar.

What are the essential elements and techniques of flamenco Guitar playing? How does one capture the real essence of authentic flamenco Guitar? These are questions that Juan Martin, celebrated virtuoso flamenco guitarist and teacher, addresses in this first book of a projected three-volume series.

This method is designed for the complete beginner and requires no prior knowledge of the Guitar or flamenco music. It also provides invaluable insights and material for more advanced players who want to capture the essential sounds, rhythms and emotional power of true flamenco.

The series begins with in-depth demonstrations of how the basic building blocks of flamenco Guitar technique are used in actual flamenco music. The material then progresses to a detailed exploration of the individual rhythmic forms - the palos.

In this book, the fundamental palos of Solea and Alegrias are presented to emphasize the basic rhythms and provide examples of falsetas - the melodic passages. Martin then shows how to apply these when collaborating with a dancer and singer.

In Essential Flamenco Guitar: Volume 1 the music is transcribed in standard notation and tablature (cifra). The two DVDs contain over 3.5 combined hours of explanation and demonstrations.

The first DVD provides a detailed introduction to basic techniques, using examples of authentic flamenco to show these techniques in action. The second DVD progresses to demonstrations of the Solea and Alegrias, including music for the soloist and the Guitar accompanying the dancing and singing.

Difficulty Easy
Store Tuition
Product Format Instrumental Tutor
Genre Folk Music
Pages 140
ISBN 9780786685721
Edition Number MLB30458DP
Catalog No. MB30458DP
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  1. First Rumba
  2. Simple Rumba with Ami chords
  3. Alternative Simple Rumba Patterns
  4. Second Rumba
  5. A Modern-Style Rumba Technique
  6. Index Finger and Apagado (Buler¡as from Lebrija)
  7. The -Stroke Rasgueo (in Verdiales)
  8. Verdiales Falseta
  9. Verdiales Song
  10. por medio Chords
  11. Tientos Chords and Rhythm
  12. First Tientos
  13. Ligado Exercise
  14. Falseta for Alegr¡as por Rosas
  15. Stroke Rasgueo in Tangos
  16. Tangos por arriba (El agua se va)
  17. Song Tune (picado)
  18. Picado Exercises
  19. Zapateado Falseta
  20. Another Zapateado Falseta
  21. A Fast Triplet Ending
  22. More Picado Exercises
  23. Ligado in Taranto
  24. The Arrastre
  25. Taranto
  26. Comparing the -Stroke, -Stroke and -Stroke Rasgueos
  27. Introduction to the Sole
  28. Alegr¡as Escobilla
  29. p, i, m Arpegio
  30. Back and Forward Arpegios
  31. Campanela Arpegio
  32. Campanela in Zapateado
  33. Arpegios in Farruca
  34. Continual Rasgueo, Alzap£a
  35. The Triplet Rasgueo
  36. Rasgueo followed by the Thumb
  37. The Flamenco Tr‚molo
  38. Exercises for Tr‚molo
  39. Fandangos por medio (SLOW)
  40. The Comp s of Sole
  41. Continuing the Rhythm of Sole
  42. Chords for Sole de Alcal
  43. Adding Interest
  44. Adding Syncopation
  45. Simpler Ritmeo
  46. Transition to Falsetas
  47. Bass-side Golpes
  48. Simple Falseta
  49. Thumb Falseta
  50. Repeated-Note Falseta
  51. Arpegio Falseta
  52. Wistful Falseta
  53. Falseta to Open the Fingers
  54. Another Arpegio Falseta
  55. Picado and Arpegio Falseta
  56. Tr‚molo Falseta
  57. LA CA¥A
  58. Falseta for La Ca¤a
  59. Polo
  60. Sole por medio
  61. More Sole por medio
  62. Basic Alegr¡as por arriba
  63. Chords and Ritmeo for Singer
  64. ?A More Advanced Form
  65. A Modern Entrada Subida
  66. Silencio to Escobilla
  67. Escobilla
  68. Transition to Buler¡as
  69. Buler¡as Falseta
  70. Buler¡as de C diz
  71. The Silencio in the Dance
  72. Falseta A
  73. An Alternative Ending for Falseta A
  74. Falseta B
  75. Falseta C
  76. Falseta D
  77. More Falsetas
  78. Falseta de Ni¤o Ricardo
  79. Falseta de Ram¢n Montoya
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