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Sandbridge Dance Tune Collection: Dulcimer

Mixed Songbook | Sheet Music & Songbooks
Subtitle Arranged For The Hammered Dulcimer
Instrumentation Hammer Dulcimer
Author Ken Kolodner
Publisher Mel Bay Publications

The Sandbridge Dance Tune Collection is a collection drawn from Ken Kolodner's extensive library of arrangements for the Hammered Dulcimer, developed from over 30 years of teaching thousands of workshops.

The Sandbridge Dance Tune Collection includes traditional and original dance tunes, reels, jigs, hornpipes and polkas. The repertoire draws primarily from traditional music of the United States, Quebec, Ireland, Scotland and beyond. Each tune is presented as a simple melody with chord progression along with one or more detailed arrangements, offering a wide range of levels of complexity.

Kolodner is widely known as one of the most prominent teachers and performers of the Hammered Dulcimer and is especially known for his teaching of arranging techniques.

Difficulty Beginner
Store Sheet Music & Songbooks
Product Format Mixed Songbook
Genre Folk Music
Release Date 2013
Pages 140
ISBN 9780786685400
Edition Number MLB30440
Catalog No. MB30440
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  1. Are You Sleeping Maggie (Scotland): Arrangement
  2. Are You Sleeping Maggie (Scotland): Melody
  3. Beaumont Rag (U.S.): Arranging Ideas
  4. Beaumont Rag (U.S.): Melody
  5. Big Scioty (U.S.): Arranging Ideas
  6. Big Scioty (U.S.): Melody, Accompaniment
  7. Bill Cheatham (U.S.): Melody
  8. Bill Cheatham (U.S.): Variations
  9. Billy In The Low Ground (U.S.): Melody And Accompaniment
  10. Billy In The Low Ground (U.S.): Variations
  11. Black Nag, The (England): Melody
  12. Black Nag, The (England): Variations
  13. Carnaval (Quebec): Melody
  14. Carnaval (Quebec): Variations And Accompaniment
  15. Cuckoo's Nest (U.S.): Arranging Ideas
  16. Cuckoo's Nest (U.S.): Melody, Accompaniment
  17. Cumberland Gap (U.S.): Arrangement
  18. Cumberland Gap (U.S.): Arranging Ideas
  19. Cumberland Gap (U.S.): Melody
  20. Eagan's Polka (Ireland): Arrangement
  21. Eagan's Polka (Ireland): Melody
  22. East Tenneessee Blues (U.S.): Arrangement
  23. East Tenneessee Blues (U.S.): Melody
  24. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (U.S.): Arrangement
  25. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (U.S.): Melody
  26. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (U.S.): Variations
  27. Frenchie's Reel (Canada): Arranging Ideas
  28. Frenchie's Reel (Canada): Melody, Harmony, Accompaniment
  29. Galway, The (Ireland): Arranging Ideas
  30. Galway, The (Ireland): Melody
  31. Grub Springs (U.S.): Arrangement
  32. Grub Springs (U.S.): Melody
  33. Grub Springs (U.S.): More Arranging Ideas
  34. John Brown's March (U.S.): Arranging Ideas
  35. John Brown's March (U.S.): Melody
  36. Johnny Cope (Scotland, U.S.): Arrangement
  37. Johnny Cope (Scotland, U.S.): Melody, Harmony
  38. Johnny Cope (Scotland, U.S.): Variations
  39. Kitchen Girl (U.S.): Arrangement
  40. Kitchen Girl (U.S.): Arranging Ideas
  41. Kitchen Girl (U.S.): Melody
  42. Lad O'Bierne's (Ireland): Arranging Ideas
  43. Lad O'Bierne's (Ireland): Melody With Harmony
  44. Lonesome John (U.S.): Arranging Ideas
  45. Lonesome John (U.S.): Melody, Accompaniment
  46. Missouri Melody, Alternate Accompaniment
  47. Missouri Melody, Harmony, Accompaniment
  48. Missouri: Variations
  49. North Carolina Breakdown (Arthur Smith, U.S.): Melody
  50. North Carolina Breakdown (Arthur Smith, U.S.): Variations
  51. Oklahoma Rooster, The (U.S.): Melodyoklahoma Rooster, The (U.S.): Variations
  52. Old Favorite, The (Ireland): Melody Old Favorite, The (Ireland): Arranging Ideas
  53. O'sullivan's (Ireland): Arrangement
  54. O'sullivan's (Ireland): Melody
  55. Over The Waterfall (U.S.): Arrangement
  56. Over The Waterfall (U.S.): Melody
  57. Over The Waterfall (U.S.): Variationsreel Du Nord (Quebec): Melodyreel Du Nord (Quebec): Arranging Ideas
  58. Reel St. Joseph's (Quebec): Melody, Accompanimentreel St. Joseph's (Quebec): Arrangement
  59. Reel St. Joseph's (Quebec): Variations
  60. Rights Of Man (James Hill, Ireland): Arranging Ideas Road To Banff, The (Scotland): Melody
  61. Rights Of Man (James Hill, Ireland): Melody
  62. Road To Banff, The (Scotland): Arranging Ideas
  63. Roof For The Rain, A (Ken Kolodner, U.S.): Melody, Accompaniment
  64. Roscoe (U.S.): Melody, Harmony, Accompaniment
  65. Roscoe (U.S.): Variations
  66. Sail Away Ladies (U.S.): Arranging Ideas
  67. Sail Away Ladies (U.S.): Melody
  68. Saint Anne's Reel (Quebec, Us, Ireland): Melody, Accompaniment
  69. Saint Anne's Reel (Quebec, Us, Ireland): Variations And Arranging Ideas
  70. Salmon Tails Up The Water (Ireland): Arrangement
  71. Salmon Tails Up The Water (Ireland): Melody
  72. Shenandoah Falls (U.S.): Melody, Harmony And Accompaniment
  73. Shenandoah Falls (U.S.): Variations
  74. Silver And Gold Two-Step (U.S./Canada): Arranging Ideas
  75. Silver And Gold Two-Step (U.S./Canada): Melody
  76. Snow Drop (U.S.): Arranging Ideas
  77. Snow Drop (U.S.): Melody
  78. Swift House (Ken Kolodner, U.S.): Melody Only
  79. Tom Morrison's (Ireland): Arranging Ideas
  80. Tom Morrison's (Ireland): Melody
  81. Washington's Hornpipe (The Stony Steps Or Good For The Tongue) (England/Ireland): Arranging Ideas
  82. Washington's Hornpipe (The Stony Steps Or Good For The Tongue) (England/Ireland): Melody, Harmony
  83. Washington's Hornpipe (The Stony Steps Or Good For The Tongue) (England/Ireland): More Arranging Ideas
  84. Willafjord (Shetland): Melody, Harmony/Accompaniment, Arranging Ideas
  85. Wren's Polka, The (Ireland): Arrangement
  86. Wren's Polka, The (Ireland): Melody
  87. Y.Z. Hamilton's Breakdown (U.S.): Arrangement
  88. Y.Z. Hamilton's Breakdown (U.S.): Melody
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