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John Pickering: The Drummer's Cookbook Volume 2: Drum Kit

Study | Sheet Music & Songbooks
Instrumentation Drum Kit
Composer John Pickering
Publisher Mel Bay Publications
If you want to learn the art of trading “fours”, The Drummer’s Cookbook Volume II will help you put it all together. This book takes you through the entire process, from developing a vocabulary to real world application. Today’s working drummers are asked to play fills and fours at a variety of different tempos, each requiring a different vocabulary. The author breaks down the process into three general tempo zones: moderate, bright and extreme. Develop your own musical vocabulary by studying the tools of the trade: uneven note groups, rhythm fragments, implied tempo changes, ghost notes, quarter note triplets, and more. Then put it all together by learning the format for fours. Learn to think in phrases: three beat groups, call and response, and symmetric and asymmetric phrases. Study the standard 32 bar AABA jazz format and learn the how, why and when of trading fours. Finally, all these skills can be practiced with several hundred two and four bar solos in each of the three tempo ranges.
Store Sheet Music & Songbooks
Product Format Study
Genre Pop & Rock
Pages 136
ISBN 9780786684328
Edition Number MLB22112
Catalog No. MB22112
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  1. Part One
  2. Developing A Vocabulary - The Tools Of The Trade
  3. 1. Playing Inside The Comfort Zone - Tempo Specific Figures
  4. 2. Ghost Notes
  5. (a) Anchoring Figures At Fast Tempos
  6. (b) Ghost Note Counterpoint
  7. (c) Syncopating With Ghost Notes
  8. 3. Using The Cymbals As An Alternate Voice
  9. (a) Suspended Cymbals And The Pedaled High Hat
  10. (b) High Hat Barks
  11. 4. Quarter Note Triplets
  12. 5. Embellishments
  13. 6. Uneven Note Groups
  14. (a) Rhythmic Displacement - The Science of Syncopation
  15. (b) Three and Five Note Groups
  16. (c) Four and Five Note Triplets
  17. 7. Repeating Rhythm Fragments
  18. (a) Three and Five Note Fragments
  19. (b) Four Note Triplets
  20. 8. Implied Tempo Changes
  21. (a) The Mechanics of Metric Modulation
  22. (b) Practical Examples
  23. 9. Stick On Stick Rimshots
  24. Part Two
  25. Putting It All Together
  26. 1. 32 Bar Format: AABA - Form and Fours
  27. 2. Thinking and Playing In Phrases
  28. 3. Phrasing In Three Beat Groups - 3 Over 4
  29. 4. Two Measure Fills 66
  30. (1) Moderate
  31. (2) Bright
  32. (3) Extreme
  33. 5. Four Measure Fills
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