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Mat Marucci: Jazz Drumming Essentials and More: Drum Kit

Study | Sheet Music & Songbooks
Instrumentation Drum Kit
Composer Mat Marucci
Publisher Mel Bay Publications
This book is designed for the drummer who has had some experience playing other styles of music but has a desire to learn some techniques and styles of jazz. It is assumed the reader has a knowledge of notes, measures or bars, time signatures, musical notation, and drum notation. A knowledge of the drum rudiments is also desirable. Though the book is meant as an overview to teach basic and essential jazz techniques, it will take someone who is willing to put in the time and practice from being a total jazz novice to the level of being a competent drummer in the jazz idiom. In addition to learning the essential knowledge required to play jazz, the student will also accomplish many intermediate and advanced techniques. I should note that I wrote this book EXACTLY as I teach jazz drumming techniques in my private lessons. This system has been developed and refined over the years and has given excellent, proven results that have produced some fine drummers, many of whom went on to build careers playing and teaching jazz. I am hoping that this book will inspire the reader and student to delve further into the jazz idiom and develop his or her technique and knowledge to the highest level. And even if the student goes no further in the jazz idiom, I am confident that the book will open doors to other avenues that the drums can take and will be benefit the reader in any style of music he or she chooses to play.
Difficulty Intermediate
Store Sheet Music & Songbooks
Product Format Study
Genre Jazz
Pages 76
ISBN 9780786677702
Edition Number MLB21927
Catalog No. MB21927
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  1. Lesson 1-Attributes of a Jazz Drummer
  2. Lesson 2 - The Drum Set
  3. Lesson 3 - Musical Notation and Terms
  4. Lesson 4 - The Jazz Cymbal Ride
  5. Lesson 5 - Making the Jazz Ride Swing
  6. Lesson 6 - Adding the Hi-Hat
  7. Lesson 7 - The Bass Drum
  8. Lesson 8 - Co-ordinating the Snare Drum
  9. Lesson 9 - Adding the Bass Drum
  10. Lesson 10 - Left Hand Triplets
  11. Lesson 11 - Eighth Notes
  12. Lesson 12 - Sixteenth Notes
  13. Lesson 13 - More Bass Drum
  14. Lesson 14 - Developing Fours and Eights
  15. Lesson 15 - Snare/Bass Combinations
  16. Lesson 16 - Playing with a 2 Feel
  17. Lesson 17 - Brushes
  18. Lesson 18 - Musical Form and Drum Solos
  19. Lesson 19 - Playing Odd Time Signatures
  20. Lesson 20 - Straight Eighths and Sixteenths
  21. Lesson 21 - The Jazz Drummer and Latin Rhythms
  22. Lesson 22 - Variations of the Cymbal Ride
  23. Lesson 23 - Improvised Timekeeping
  24. Lesson 24 - Jazz and the Drum Rudiments
  25. Lesson 25 - Tips and Tricks
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