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Kidsource - Words: Melody, Lyrics & Chords

Mixed Songbook | Sheet Music & Songbooks
Instrumentation Lyrics
Publisher Kevin Mayhew
Kidsource is an exciting collection of praise and worship songs for children. It is compiled by one of the country's favourite children's songwriters, Alan Price, known to kids as Captain Alan of Captain's Crew. It contains over 400 songs from the UK's most renowned children's songwriters, including Doug Horley, Ishmael, Sammy Horner, Richard Hubbard, Paul Field, Ian White and the Captain himself, as well as a significant number of well-known 'adult' praise and worship songs from writers such as Matt Redman, Graham Kendrick and Darlene Zschech.
All of the Keyboard accompaniments have been arranged for maximum clarity and ease of use, with much consideration given to the pitch of the tunes and their suitability for young voices. Guitar chords are given for every song.
Difficulty Easy
Store Sheet Music & Songbooks
Product Format Mixed Songbook
Pages 68
ISBN 9781840033113
Edition Number 1470151
Catalog No. KMP1470151
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  1. 2-4-6-8, come and join
  2. 5000 + hungry folk
  3. A million stars are in the sky
  4. A wiggly waggly worm
  5. Abba, Father, Let Me Be
  6. All Heaven Declares
  7. All I Once Held Dear
  8. All of my heart
  9. All the creatures of the earth
  10. All Things Bright And Beautiful
  11. Amazing Grace
  12. And God said the sun should shine
  13. As For Me And My House
  14. As we share bread in the family of God
  15. As With Gladness Men Of Old
  16. Away In A Manger
  17. Be Bold, Be Strong
  18. Be still, for the presence of the Lord
  19. Be the centre of my life
  20. Because of who he is
  21. Calling on the Spirit
  22. Can we love one another
  23. Can you count the stars
  24. Can you see what we have made
  25. Celebrate Jesus
  26. Christmas, it's Christmas
  27. Clap Your Hands
  28. C-L-A-P, clap my hands
  29. Come along every one
  30. Come and join in the song
  31. Come and sing, come and sing
  32. Come On And Celebrate
  33. Come, Jesus, come
  34. Crackers and turkeys
  35. Dear Lord, my Father
  36. Do not worry
  37. Don't Be Afraid
  38. Don't be an actor
  39. Don't build your house
  40. Don't Know Much
  41. Don't repay evil for evil
  42. Don't you worry about tomorrow
  43. Down In The Jungle
  44. Easter jubilation
  45. Every day with Jesus
  46. Everybody has a wobble
  47. Everywhere he walks with me
  48. Far and near hear the call
  49. Father God, I Come To You
  50. Father God, I know you love me so
  51. Father God, I wonder
  52. Father God, you love me
  53. Father, I can call you Father
  54. Father, I do adore you
  55. Father, I thank you with my voice
  56. Father, we adore you
  57. Father, your word is like a light
  58. Find the silence through the noise
  59. For I'm Building A People Of Power
  60. Forever I will live my life with faith
  61. From heav'n you came
  62. F-U-N-E-N-R-G?
  63. Get On Board!
  64. Give Me A Heart Of Compassion
  65. Give Me Oil In My Lamp
  66. Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart
  67. Gives! Gives! Gives!
  68. Glory, glory in the highest
  69. Go, go, go into the world
  70. God always has time for us
  71. God has a perfect plan for me
  72. God is faithful
  73. God is good, God is great
  74. God is here, God is here
  75. God Is Here, God Is Present
  76. God Is Our Father
  77. God is so good
  78. God is the one who wants the best
  79. God loves you so much
  80. God loves you, and I love you
  81. God made a boomerang
  82. God never gives up
  83. God trains all his children
  84. God, you can use me
  85. God's love is deeper
  86. God's not dead, (no) he is alive
  87. God's people aren't super-brave
  88. God's rubbered out all my mistakes
  89. Good or bad
  90. Grace is when God gives us
  91. Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumbs
  92. Hang on, stand still
  93. Harvest time is the time
  94. Have we made our God too small?
  95. Have You Got An Appetite?
  96. Have you heard about the boy
  97. Have you heard the raindrops
  98. Have you seen the pussycat
  99. He is the King of kings
  100. He Is The Lord
  101. Heaven Is A Wonderful Place
  102. Here I Am, Lord
  103. Here I am, ready to go
  104. Here's a song
  105. Higher than the highest mountain
  106. Higher, higher
  107. Ho ho ho hosanna
  108. Hold on to the promises of God
  109. Hosanna
  110. How did Moses cross the Red Sea?
  111. How good of Father God
  112. I am a lighthouse
  113. I Am A New Creation
  114. I am a soldier
  115. I am fearfully and wonderfully made
  116. I am part of God's plan
  117. I am so glad
  118. I Am The Apple Of God's Eye
  119. I Am The Way
  120. I Believe In Jesus
  121. I can be what God wants me to be
  122. I can do all, all, all things
  123. I Could Sing Unending Songs
  124. I have hidden your word
  125. I just want to thank you, Lord
  126. I love the lights
  127. I love to be with you, Jesus
  128. I love you, Lord Jesus
  129. I may live in a great big city
  130. I need faith
  131. I once was frightened of spiders
  132. I reach up high
  133. I Walk By Faith
  134. I wanna be a light in the world
  135. I wanna tell you how much
  136. I want to be a tree
  137. I Want To Be Like Jesus
  138. I want to be salt for Jesus
  139. I want to worship you
  140. I will dance, I will sing
  141. I Will Enter His Gates
  142. I Will Offer Up My Life
  143. I will show you my faith
  144. I Will Wave My Hands
  145. I won't wander off in the darkness
  146. I'd reach for the stars
  147. If I look in a mirror
  148. If I were a butterfly
  149. If Jesus is de vine
  150. If we admit to God
  151. If you feel unhappy
  152. If you see a special way
  153. If your output exceeds your input
  154. If you're going to run
  155. I'm a full-time Christian
  156. I'm a pow pow powerpack!
  157. I'm a winner when I run with Jesus
  158. I'm Accepted, I'm Forgiven
  159. I

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