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Edna Mae Burnam: A Dozen A Day Anthology: Piano

Instrumental Tutor | Sheet Music & Songbooks
Instrumentation Piano
Composer Edna Mae Burnam
Publisher Willis Music

Written and illustrated by Edna Mae Burnam, a second-generation Piano teacher, the iconic A Dozen A Day books have been in Piano studios around the world since 1950.

These books are universally recognized as one of the most practical technique series available. The series is made up of brief, accessible groups of warm-up exercises that provide excellent daily training for students of all ages and levels.

This anthology includes the first four books in the A Dozen A Day series: Mini, Prep, Book 1 and Book 2. As a bonus, the anthology includes orchestrated files that are accessible online.

Series Willis
Difficulty Easy
Store Sheet Music & Songbooks
Product Format Instrumental Tutor
Release Date 2016
Pages 128
ISBN 9781495061165
UPC 888680612498
Edition Number HL00158307
Catalog No. HL00158307

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  1. Arms Up And Down
  2. Baby Steps
  3. Backward Bend
  4. Ballet Exercise
  5. Bear Walk
  6. Bicycle Exercise
  7. Both Knees Up And Back
  8. Bouncing A Ball
  9. Bouncing A Ball With Left Hand
  10. Bouncing A Ball With Right Hand
  11. Boxing
  12. The Broad Jump
  13. Brushing Teeth
  14. Cartwheels
  15. Cartwheels On A Sunny, Then A Cloudy Day
  16. Cartwheels Up A Hill
  17. Chinning Yourself
  18. climbing
  19. Climbing Monkey Bars
  20. Climbing Up A Ladder
  21. Crossing Leg Over
  22. Deep Breathing
  23. Deep Breathing On A Cloudy Day
  24. Deep Breathing On A Sunny Day
  25. Deep Knee Bend
  26. Fit As A Fiddle And Ready To Go
  27. Flinging Arms Out And Back
  28. Giant Steps
  29. Going Down A Ladder
  30. Going Down A Slide
  31. Going Down Stairs
  32. Going Up Stairs
  33. Going Up And Down A Rope
  34. Hammering With Left Hand
  35. Hammering With Right Hand
  36. Hand Springs
  37. Hanging By Knees On Acting Bar
  38. Hanging By Your Knees
  39. Hanging From Bar By Right Hand
  40. Hanging From Bar By Left Hand
  41. Hanging From Bar With Both Hands
  42. A Hard Trick
  43. High Stepping
  44. Hopping
  45. Hopping On Left Foot
  46. Hopping On Right Foot
  47. In A Swing
  48. Jump Rope
  49. Jump The River
  50. Jumping
  51. Jumping Feet Apart And Flinging Arms Out
  52. Jumping Like A Frog
  53. Jumping Off A Big Box
  54. Jumping Off The Front Porch Steps
  55. Jumping On A Sunny, Then A Cloudy Day
  56. Jumping Over A Bench
  57. Jumping Rope
  58. Jumping Up A Hill
  59. Kicking Left Leg Up
  60. Kicking Right Leg Up
  61. Leap Frog
  62. Left Knee Up And Back
  63. Leg Work
  64. Morning Stretch
  65. O-Leary
  66. Peeking Between Knees
  67. Ping Pong
  68. Playing With A Yo-Yo
  69. The Push-Up
  70. Raising Arms Up And Up On Toes
  71. Riding Piggybacks
  72. Right Knee Up And Back
  73. Rocking
  74. Rolling
  75. Rolling A Hoop
  76. Round And Round In A Swing
  77. Running
  78. Running On A Sunny, Then A Cloudy Day
  79. Running Down A Hill
  80. Running Up A Hill
  81. Sitting Up And Lying Down
  82. Skipping
  83. Skipping On A Cloudy Day
  84. Skipping On A Sunny Day
  85. Skipping On A Sunny, Then A Cloudy Day
  86. Skipping Up A Hill
  87. Sliding Down The Bannister
  88. Sliding Down A Pole
  89. Somersaults
  90. Spinning A Big Top
  91. The Splits
  92. Standing On Head
  93. Stretching
  94. Stretching Legs Out And Back
  95. Stretching Left Leg
  96. Stretching Right Leg Up
  97. Swimming
  98. Swinging
  99. Swinging Arms
  100. Taking Deep Breaths While Walking Up A Hill
  101. Teeter-totter
  102. Tether Ball
  103. Tightrope Walking
  104. Tiptoe Running
  105. Touching Toes
  106. Turning Left Leg Around In A Circle
  107. Turning Right Leg Around In A Circle
  108. Twirling To The Left
  109. Twirling To The Right
  110. Twisting Right And Left
  111. Up And Down The Stairs
  112. Wake Up And Stretch
  113. Walking
  114. Walking A Tightrope
  115. Walking And Running
  116. Walking Down A Hill
  117. Walking In A Water Puddle In Boots
  118. Walking Like A Duck
  119. Walking On A Cloudy Day
  120. Walking On Stilts
  121. Walking On A Sunny Day
  122. Walking On A Sunny, The A Cloudy Day
  123. Walking On Tiptoes
  124. Walking On Trapeze Rings
  125. Walking Pigeon-toed
  126. Walking Up A Hill
  127. Whirling
  128. Whirly Gig Ride
  129. Wide Walk
  130. Wiggling Toes
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