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Johann Sebastian Bach: St John Passion BWV 245: Mixed Choir

Piano Reduction | Mixed Choir
Composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Publisher Bärenreiter-Verlag
Instrumentation SATB + accompaniment

The St. John Passion was first performed in Leipzig on Good Friday of 1724. Written three years before the St. Matthew Passion, it was a work Bach revised during the rest of his life, in fact he did not leave us a definitive version either in print or fair copy. The sources give evidence of four different versions used at four performances - 1724, 1725, around 1730 and during the last years of Bach's life. They often contain two or more readings for the same passage, or even different movements that on different occasions occupied the same place in the work.
Barenreiter's edition uses the final version IV as its basis with alternative movements and readings contained in the appendices. A comprehensive preface in the study score (German/English) TP197 gives full information.

- Full score, performance material (BA5037), vocal score (BA5037-90) and study score (TP197) available for sale.

Language INT
Series Bärenreiter Urtext
Subtitle Klavierauszug
Difficulty Advanced
Product Format Vocal Score
Genre Sacred
Product Type Sheet Music
Store Sheet Music & Songbooks
Theme Easter
Pages 279
ISMN 9790006462230
Edition Number BA5037-90
Catalog No. BA503790
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  1. Chorus: Herr, unser Herrscher/Lord, Thou Our Master
  2. Evangelista, Jesus: Jesus ging mit seinen Jungern/ Jesus went with His disciples (Tenore/Basso)
  3. Chorus: Jesum von Nazareth/Jesus of Nazareth
  4. Evangelista, Jesus: Jesus spricht zu ihnen/Jesus saith unto them (Tenore/Basso)
  5. Evangelista, Jesus: Jesus antwortete/Jesus answered (Tenore/Basso)
  6. Choral: O grobe Lieb/O wondrous love
  7. Evangelista, Jesus: Auf dass das Wort erfullet wurde/So that the prophesy might be fulfilled (Tenore/Basso)
  8. Choral: Dein Will gescheh, Herr Gott, zugleich/Thy will must all creation do
  9. Evangelista: Die Schar aber und der Oberhauptmann/The body of soldiers with their captain (Tenore)
  10. Aria: Von den Stricken meiner Sunden/From the shackles of my vices (Alto)
  11. Evangelista: Simon Petrus aber folgete Jesu nach/Simon Peter also followed with Jesus (Tenore)
  12. Aria: Ich folge dir gleichfalls/ I follow Thee also (Soprano)
  13. Evangelista
  14. Choral: Wer hat dich so geschlagen/Who was it, Lord, did smite Thee
  15. Evangelista: Und Hannas sandte ihn gebunden/Now Annas has had Jesus bound (Tenore)
  16. Chorus: Bist du nicht seiner Junger einer/Art Thou not one of His disciples
  17. Evangelista, Petrus, Servus: Er leugnete aber und sprach/But Peter denied it and said (Tenore, Tenore, Basso)
  18. Aria: Ach, mein Sinn/Ah, my soul (Tenore)
  19. Choral: Petrus, der nicht denkt zuruck/Peter, while his conscience slept
  20. Choral: Christus, der uns selig macht/Christ, who knew no sin or wrong
  21. Evangelista, Pilatus: Da fuhrenten sie Jesum/Then led away thy Jesus (Tenore/Basso)
  22. Chorus: Ware dieser nicht ein Ubeltater/If this man were not a malefactor
  23. Evangelista, Pilatus: Da sprach Pilatus zu ihnen/Then Pilate said unto them (Tenore/Basso)
  24. Chorus: Wir durfen niemand toten/By death we may not punish
  25. Evangelista, Pilatus, Jesus: Aur dass erfullet wurde das Wort/That so might be fulfilled the word (Tenore, Basso, Basso)
  26. Choral: Ach Grosser Konig/Ah, mighty King
  27. Evangelista, Pilatus, Jesus: Da sprach Pilatus zu ihm/Then pilate said unto Him (Tenore, Basso, Basso)
  28. Chorus: Nich diesen. sondern Barrabam/Not this man, give us Barrabas
  29. Evangelista: Barrabas aber war ein Morder/Barrabas he set free, a robber (Tenore)
  30. Arioso: Betrache, meine Seel/Bethink thee, o my soul (Basso)
  31. Aria: Erwage, wie sein blutgefarbter Rucken/Imagine that His bloodbespattered body (Tenore)
  32. Evangelista: Und die Kriegsknechte flochten eine Krone/The soldiers platted then for Him a crown (Tenore)
  33. Chorus: Sein gegrusset, lieber Judenkonig/King we hail Thee, King of Jews
  34. Evangelista, Pilatus: Und gaben ihm Backenstreiche/And then with their hands they smote Him (Tenore/Basso)
  35. Chorus: Kreuzige, kreuzige/Crucify, crucify
  36. Evangelista, Pilatus: Pilatus sprachzu ihnen/Then unto them saith Pilate (Tenore, Basso)
  37. Chorus: Wir haben ein Gesetz/We have with us a law
  38. Evangelista, Pilatus, Jesus: Da Pilatus das Wort horete/Now when Pilate heard what thus was said (Tenore, Basso, Basso)
  39. Choral: Durch dein Gefangnis, Gottes Sohn/Our freedom, son of God
  40. Evangelista: Die Juden aber schrieen und sprachen/But the Jews cried out and shouted (Tenore)
  41. Chorus: Lassest du diesen los/If thou let this man go
  42. Evangelista, Pilatus: Da Pitatus das Wort horete/Then when Pilate heard them speaking thus (Tenore/Basso)
  43. Chorus: Weg, weg mit dem/Away with him
  44. Evangelista, Pilatus: Spricht Pilatus zu ihnen/Pilate saith unto them (Tenore/Basso)
  45. Chorus: Wir haben keinen Konig/We have no King but Caesar
  46. Evangelista: Da uberantwortete er ihn/And then he delivered him to them (Tenore)
  47. Aria: Eit, ihr angefochtnen Seelen/Come ye souls whom care opresses (Basso)
  48. Evangelista: Allda kreuzigten sie ihn/And there crucified they him (Tenore)
  49. Chorus: Schreibe nicht: der Juden Konig/Write Him not as our King
  50. Evangelista, Pilatus: Pil
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