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Complete Method For Classic: Guitar or Lute

Book with Audio-Online | Guitar or Lute
Publisher Mel Bay Publications
Instrumentation Guitar

Mel Bay's own method for the Classic Guitar, featuring a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of music and reading Guitar notation, plus graded studies and pieces. This book presents Classic Guitar technique in a manner that anyone can easily follow. Musical and technical concepts are introduced gradually as needed throughout the text and driven home with ample musical illustrations.

Information is provided on: basic right and left-hand techniques, reading standard notation, harmonics, and playing in various keys and positions. In addition to the many classical etudes included here by Aguado, Bach, Carcassi, Carulli, Diabelli, Giuliani, Sor, and others, Mel Bay has made a significant contribution to the student Guitar repertoire by transcribing works by Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Mozart, Pleyel, Rubenstein, and others in the classical style. The pieces and exercises are arranged to progress systematically through various keys and playing positions. Written entirely in standard notation only. Includes access to online audio.

Series Complete (Mel Bay)
Store Tuition
Product Format Instrumental Tutor
Genre Method
Pages 144
ISBN 9780786698325
Edition Number MB93400M
Catalog No. MB93400M
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  1. A Night In Madrid
  2. A Serenade [Bay, Mel]
  3. A Song By Aguado
  4. A Study By Aguado
  5. A Visit To The Relatives
  6. A Waltz By Sor
  7. Adantino
  8. Adventure [Carullli, Ferdinando]
  9. Alpine Echoes [Bay, Mel]
  10. Andante [Mertz, I. K.]
  11. Andante [Mozart]
  12. Andante [Diabelli, Anton]
  13. Andante [Carulli, Ferdinandino]
  14. Andante [Carulli, Ferninandino]
  15. Andante In D Major [Kuffner, J.]
  16. Around The Samovar
  17. Austrian Hymn [Haydn, Franz]
  18. Balkan Nights [Bay, Mel]
  19. Balkan Skies [Giuliani, Mauro]
  20. Bass Solo With Chord Accompaniment [Bay, Mel]
  21. Blessed Assurance [Crosby, Fanny]
  22. Bohemian Waltz [Bay, Mel]
  23. Bourree (In B Minor) [Krieger, Johann]
  24. Caballero [Pleyel]
  25. Caprice [Carcassi, Matteo]
  26. Carcassi's Waltz
  27. Chopin's Prelude [Bay, Mel]
  28. Classic Dance [Bay, Mel]
  29. Conchita [Aguado, Dionisio]
  30. Cradle Song [Brahms, Johannes]
  31. Dawn [Mazas-Bay]
  32. Don Quixote [Aguado , Dionisio]
  33. El Rey
  34. Etude [Carcassi, Matteo]
  35. Flower Song [Lange]
  36. Follow The Leader
  37. Frolic [Sor, Fernando]
  38. Gavotte [Bach, J. S.]
  39. Granada Memories [Aguado]
  40. How Can I Leave Thee
  41. In The Evening By The Moonlight [Bland]
  42. Italian Air [Carcassi, Matteo]
  43. Lazy Evening [Bay, Mel]
  44. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence [Bay, William]
  45. Little Minuet
  46. Love Song
  47. March Majestic
  48. March Slav [Tchaikovsky, Peter]
  49. Maria
  50. Matamoras
  51. Melody In F [Rubenstein-Bay]
  52. Minuet [De Visee]
  53. Minuet From Don Juan [Mozart]
  54. Minuetto [Gebaur]
  55. Moderato [Giuliani, Mauro]
  56. Nocturne [Aguado, Dionisio]
  57. Petite Waltz
  58. Playtime
  59. Prelude In A Major [Sor]
  60. Prelude, Opus 28 No 20 [Chopin, Frederic]
  61. Rain Drops
  62. Recreation [Giuliani, Mauro]
  63. Rondo [Carcassi, Matteo]
  64. Rondo In E Major
  65. Rosario
  66. Senora
  67. Senorita
  68. Serenade [De Visee]
  69. Silver Threads Among The Gold
  70. Small Chord Etude [Bay, Mel]
  71. Soliloquy
  72. Sor's Etude In D Major
  73. Sor's Waltz
  74. Spanish Waltz
  75. Sparkling Stella
  76. Step Lively
  77. Taranto [Carcassi, Matteo]
  78. The Blue Tail Fly [Bay, Mel]
  79. The Builder [Bay, Mel]
  80. The Chord Waltz [Bay, Mel]
  81. The Commentator [Carcassi, Matteo]
  82. The Court Jester [Carcassi, Matteo]
  83. The Foggy, Foggy Dew
  84. The Gauchos [Carcassi, Matteo]
  85. The Happy Farmer
  86. The Happy Guitarist
  87. The Lido [Giuliani, Mauro]
  88. The Little Elf [Carulli]
  89. The Little Prince [Mazas]
  90. The Merry Men
  91. The Music Box
  92. The Poet And The Peasant [Von Suppe]
  93. The Speedway
  94. "Theme From The ""Minute Waltz"" [Chopin, Frederick]"
  95. To A Wild Rose [MacDowell, Edward]
  96. Venetian Nights [Carcassi, Matteo]
  97. Waltz [Bay, Mel]
  98. Waltz [Carulli, Ferdinando]
  99. Waltz
  100. Waltz In A Flat [Brahms, Johannes]
  101. Waltz in E [Carulli, Ferdinando]
  102. Waltz In E Minor
  103. Witchcraft [Bay, Mel]
  104. Wondrous Love
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