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Guido Boger: O'Carolan Favorites For Classical Guitar: Guitar or Lute

Book Only | Guitar or Lute
Composer Guido Boger
Publisher Mel Bay Publications
Instrumentation Classical Guitar

In this edition, Guido Böger provides 72 further compositions by the legendary Irish harpist Turlough O’Carolan, arranged for classical guitar.

These solo pieces are generally of intermediate difficulty, and convey the beautiful, lyrical qualities of the original tunes. This expanded selection of the melodies has not been organized into any set of themes or forms; however, along with his Turlough O’Carolan Irish Harp Pieces for Classical Guitar, O’Carolan’s Laments have now been arranged in their entirety.

These pieces will provide the guitarist with a wonderful collection of new and fascinating pieces for use in study, concerts, or for your musical pleasure.

Language ENG-UK
Difficulty Intermediate
Product Format Instrumental Album
Genre Classical
Product Type Sheet Music
Store Sheet Music & Songbooks
Pages 100
ISBN 9780786699803
Edition Number MLB30623
Catalog No. MB30623
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  1. All Alive
  2. Baptist Johnston
  3. Bumper Squire Jones
  4. Captain Higgins'
  5. Captain O'Kane
  6. Carolan's Concerto
  7. Carolan's Cup
  8. Carolan's Dream
  9. Carolan's Farewell to Music
  10. Carolan's Rambel to Cashel
  11. Carolan's Receipt
  12. Carolan's Welcome
  13. Colonel Irwin
  14. Constantine Maguire
  15. Denis O'Connor, Second Air
  16. Dolly Macdonough
  17. Dr. Delany
  18. Dr. John Stafford
  19. Dr. O'Connor
  20. Edward Corocoran
  21. Edward Dodwell
  22. Father Brien MacDermott Roe
  23. Gerald Dillon
  24. Henry MacDermott Roe, First Air
  25. Henry MacDermott Roe, Second Air
  26. Henry MacDermott Roe, Third Air
  27. Hewlett
  28. Hugh Kelly
  29. Isabella Burke
  30. James Betagh
  31. James Plunkett
  32. Jem the Miller
  33. John Jameson
  34. John Kelly
  35. John Reilly, First Air
  36. Katherine O'More
  37. Lady Athenry
  38. Lady Blayney
  39. Lady Dillon
  40. Lament For Charles Maccabe
  41. Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill
  42. Lament For Sir Ulick Burke
  43. Lament For Terence Macdonough
  44. Lord Galway's Lamentation
  45. Lord Inchiquin
  46. Luke Dillon
  47. Mabel Kelly
  48. Mary O'Neill
  49. Maurice O'Connor, Second Air
  50. Miss MacDermott Roe
  51. Miss Macmurray
  52. Morgan Magan
  53. Mrs. Bermingham, First Air
  54. Mrs. Cole
  55. Mrs. Garvey Second Air
  56. Mrs. Harwood
  57. Mrs. Keel
  58. Mrs. Maxwell, First Air
  59. Mrs. Power
  60. O'Carolan's Favourite Jig
  61. O'Reilly of Athcarne
  62. Peggy Morton
  63. Planxty Burke
  64. Planxty Crilly
  65. Planxty Plunkett
  66. Richard Cusack
  67. Robert Hawkes
  68. Separation Of Soul And Body
  69. Sir Arthur Shaen
  70. Sir Festus Burke
  71. Susanna Kelly
  72. The Clergy's Lamentation
  73. The Honourable Thomas Burke
  74. The Princess Royal
  75. Thomas Morres Jones
  76. Tobias Peyton
  77. William Eccles
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