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On Becoming A Conductor: Conducting

Book Only | Conducting
Publisher Meredith Music
This incredible book by one of the world's foremost authorities on conducting contains no conducting patterns, and no advice on how to conduct any piece. Instead, it focuses on the skills, knowledge and experiences needed to become and function as a conductor-teacher.
Series Meredith Music Resource
Subtitle Lessons And Meditations On The Art Of Conducting
Product Type Book Only
Pages 172
ISBN 9781574630862
UPC 884088201074
Edition Number HL00317171
Catalog No. HL00317171
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  1. Part 1 Personal Characteristics: Essential Knowledge,Skills,Experiences,And Work Ethic/Mentor/Models
  2. Part1 Chapter1 Personal Characteristics And Essential Knowledge,Skills,Experiences
  3. Part1 Chapter2 Dedication,Work Ethic,And Models/Mentors
  4. Part2 Selecting Literature/Programming-Reading,Studying,And Marking The Score
  5. Part2 Chapter3 Selecting Literature And Programming
  6. Part2 Chapter4 Skills Needed For Reading And Inner Hearing What's In A Score
  7. Part2 Chapter5 Score Study
  8. Part2 Chapter6 Marking The Score
  9. Part 3 Realizing The Music-Role Of Integrity,Imagination,And Emotion
  10. Part3 Chapter7 Interpretation/Realization
  11. Part 4 Creativity And Imagination-Cunducting Technique,Conduvtor/Player Relationship,Leadership
  12. Part4 Chapter8 Conductor's Creativity And Imagination
  13. Part4 Chapter9 Cunducting Technique-Gestures Of Expression
  14. Part4 Chapter10 Conductor/Player Relationship-The Art Of Collaboration
  15. Part4 Chapter11 Leadership
  16. Part 5 Rehearsal Planning And Execution-Cunductinga Performance,Study Repertoire
  17. Part5 Chapter12 Rehearsals,Preparation/Planning,Formulating Schedules
  18. Part5 Chapter13 Rehearsal Considerations
  19. Part5 Chapter14 Seating Arrangements
  20. Part5 Chapter15 Amount Of Rehearsal Time
  21. Part5 Chapter16 Conducting A Performance
  22. Part5 Chapter17 Study Repertoire
  23. Part 6 Evaluation, Maturation, And Reflection
  24. Part6 Chapter18 Conduvtor Evaluation And Player Progress Assessment
  25. Part6 Chapter19 Continuous Personal Growth/Development
  26. Part 7 Conduvtor-Teacher As Music Educator
  27. Part7 Chapter20 Music And The Arts-The Conductor-Teacher's Role
  28. Part7 Chapter21 Suggestions Concerning What Conductors Should And Should Not Do
  29. Part7 Postcript Poem
  30. Appendix 1 Sources Of Quotations
  31. Appendix 2 Bibliography And Recommended Books For Conductor-Teachers
  32. Appendix 3 Additional Resources (Books,Guides,Journals)
  33. Appendix 4 Dvd's For Conductors
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