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Stephen Primatic: Percussion Instruments: Books on Music

Book Only | Books on Music
Composer Stephen Primatic
Publisher Meredith Music
Instrumentation Percussion Instruments
Why does that Snare Drum sound like a cardboard box? Why don't the pedals on the Timpani stay in position? What kind of Cymbals should I buy for a Drum set? Why does the Bass Drum rattle when struck? These and countless other questions are answered in this comprehensive text for anyone who deals with Percussion instruments. If you have ever struggled with questions on purchasing, maintaining, troubleshooting or storing your Percussion instruments, then this book will provide you with a wealth of information on these topics and more!
Series Meredith Music Resource
Subtitle Purchasing, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and More
Store Books about Music
Product Format Instrumental Reference
Release Date 2015
Pages 80
ISBN 9781574631326
UPC 888680096366
Edition Number HL00153574
Catalog No. HL00153574
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  1. Introduction
  2. Foreword
  3. Snare Drum:Purchasing
  4. Snare Drum:6 1/2 X 14' Wood Shell Drum
  5. Snare Drum: Snares
  6. Snare Drum: 5'X14' Metal Shell Drum
  7. Snare Drum: Stand
  8. Snare Drum:Heads
  9. Snare Drum:Maintenance
  10. Snare Drum: Changing Heads
  11. Snare Drum:Replacing/Adjusting Snares
  12. Snare Drum: Storage
  13. Snare Drum: Troubleshooting
  14. Snare Drum: Drum Sounds 'Boingy', Too 'Ringy' Or 'Buzzy'
  15. Snare Drum: Too Much Or Too Little Snare Response
  16. Snare Drum: 'Ok, I'Ve Tried All That And The Drum Still Sounds Like A Cardboard Bos'
  17. Timpani:Purchasing
  18. Timpani: 26' And 29'
  19. Timpani:Pedals
  20. Timpani:32'
  21. Timpani: 23'
  22. Timpani: Stool
  23. Timpani: Tuning Gauges
  24. Timpani: Heads
  25. Timpani:Maintenance
  26. Timpani:Handling
  27. Timpani: Covers
  28. Timpani:Changing/Mounting
  29. Timpani: Troubleshooting
  30. Timpani:The Pedal Will Not Hold Its Position
  31. Timpani: The Heads Make A Horrible Cracking Sound When The Pedal Is Depressed
  32. Timpani: Gauges Not Working
  33. Cymbals (Concert): Purchasing
  34. Cymbals (Concert): Pair Or 18' Medium-Thin Crash Cymbals
  35. Cymbals (Concert): 18' Thin Suspended
  36. Cymbals (Concert): Suspended Cymbal Stand
  37. Cymbals (Concert):Crash Cymbal Cradle
  38. Cymbals (Concert): Straps, Handles, And Pads
  39. Cymbals (Concert):Suspended Cymbal Mallets
  40. Cymbals (Concert):Maintenance: Cleaning
  41. Cymbals (Concert):Troubleshooting
  42. Cymbals (Concert):Suspended Cymbal Has An Annoying Rattle
  43. Cymbals (Concert):Cymbals Are Buzzing
  44. Cymbals (Concert): Dealing With Cracked Cymbals
  45. Concert Bass Drum: Purchasing
  46. Concert Bass Drum:16'X34'
  47. Concert Bass Drum:Stand
  48. Concert Bass Drum: Maintenance
  49. Concert Bass Drum: Drop Cover
  50. Concert Bass Drum: Tuning
  51. Concert Bass Drum: Head Changing And Tuning
  52. Concert Bass Drum: Troubleshooting
  53. Concert Bass Drum:Rattles And Other Miscellaneous Noises
  54. Concert Bass Drum: Drum Just Doesn't Sound Right
  55. Mallet Instruments:Purchasing
  56. Mallet Instruments: Bells (Glockenspiel)
  57. Mallet Instruments:Xylophone
  58. Mallet Instruments: Chimes
  59. Mallet Instruments: Marimba
  60. Mallet Instruments: Vibraphone
  61. Mallet Instruments:Maintenance
  62. Mallet Instruments: Covers
  63. Mallet Instruments:Tuning
  64. Mallet Instruments:Cleaning
  65. Mallet Instruments:Suspension Cord
  66. Mallet Instruments: Resonators
  67. Mallet Instruments: Transport
  68. Mallet Instruments:Troubleshooting
  69. Mallet Instruments: One Or More Bars Hit The Frame When Struck
  70. Mallet Instruments: Some Bars Sound Dead
  71. Mallet Instruments: Cracked Bar
  72. Mallet Instruments:Vibraphone Specific Problems
  73. Accessory Instruments:Purchasing
  74. Accessory Instruments: Tambourine
  75. Accessory Instruments: Triangle
  76. Accessory Instruments: Maintenance
  77. Accessory Instruments: Tambourine Head Replacement
  78. Accessory Instruments: Student Cannot Control The Triangle
  79. Accessory Instruments: Triangle Suspension Cord
  80. Accessory Instruments: Tambourine Head Is Floppy And Has Wrinkles
  81. Accessory Instruments: Triangle Sounds Muffled/Bad
  82. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments:Purchasing
  83. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments: Castenets
  84. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments:Woodblock
  85. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments:Temple Blocks
  86. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments:Cowbell
  87. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments:Claves
  88. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments: Finger Cymbals
  89. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments:Guiro
  90. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments: Shakers
  91. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments:Cabasa
  92. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments: Slapstick
  93. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments: Sleigh Bells
  94. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments: Tam-Tam
  95. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments:Mark Tree
  96. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments: Bell Tree
  97. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments: Vibraslap
  98. Other Percussion Accessory Instruments:Ratchet
  99. Other Drums:Purchasing
  100. Other Drums:Congas
  101. Other Drums:Bongos
  102. Other Drums: Timbales
  103. Other Drums:Concert Toms
  104. Other Drums:Field Drum
  105. Other Drums:Tenor Drum
  106. Other Drums: Roto-Toms
  107. Drum Set: Purchasing
  108. Drum Set:Drums
  109. Drum Set: Drum Throne
  110. Drum Set: Cymbals
  111. Drum Set: Carpet
  112. Drum Set:Maintenance
  113. Drum Set: Heads
  114. Drum Set: Tuning Toms
  115. Drum Set: Hardware
  116. Marching Band:Purchasing
  117. Marching Band:Snare Drum
  118. Marching Band: Multi-Tenors
  119. Marching Band: Tonal Bass Drums
  120. Marching Band: Cymbals
  121. Marching Band: Carriers
  122. Marching Band: Maintenance
  123. Mallets And Sticks:Purchasing
  124. Mallets And Sticks: Timpani
  125. Mallets And Sticks: Bells And Xylophone
  126. Mallets And Sticks:Marimba
  127. Mallets And Sticks:Vibraphone
  128. Mallets And Sticks:Chimes
  129. Mallets And Sticks:Bass Drum
  130. Mallets And Sticks: Suspended Cymbal
  131. Mallets And Sticks:Concert Snare Drum
  132. Mallets And Sticks: Tam-Tam
  133. Mallets And Sticks: Drum Set
  134. Mallets And Sticks: Marching Band
  135. Mallets And Sticks: Wood Blocks And Temple Blocks
  136. Mallets And Sticks:Concert Toms
  137. Mallets And Sticks: Maintenance
  138. Setup
  139. Tool Kit
  140. Percussion Cabinet
  141. Towels
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