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Someone's Singing, Lord

Mixed Songbook | Tuition
Instrumentation Vocal
Publisher Collins Music

This book contains 59 tried and tested songs about topics including the world, the seasons, being a friend and caring for animals. There are tuneful hymns and thought-provoking subjects, just what's needed to fill the music slot in assembly or at Sunday school. Includes CD of backing tracks.

Difficulty Easy
Store Tuition
Product Format Mixed Songbook
Genre Gospel & Spiritual
Pages 96
ISBN 9780713663440
Edition Number 9780713663440
Catalog No. 9780713663440
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€ 28,40
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  1. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 And Zero
  2. A Little Tiny Bird
  3. All the flowers are waking
  4. All Things Which Live Below The Sky
  5. At Half Past Three We Go Home To Tea
  6. Can You Count The Stars?
  7. Come, Let Us Remember The Joys Of The Town
  8. Father, We Thank You For The Night
  9. For All The Strength We Have
  10. Give To Us Eyes
  11. God Bless The Grass That Grows Through The Crack
  12. God Who Put The Stars In Space
  13. Hands To Work And Feet To Run
  14. He gave me eyes so I could see
  15. Hurray For Jesus
  16. I Danced In The Morning
  17. I have seen the golden sunshine
  18. I Love God's Tiny Creatures
  19. I love the sun
  20. If I Had A Hammer
  21. I'm Very Glad Of God
  22. In The Early Morning
  23. It fell upon a summer day
  24. Jesus' hands were kind hands
  25. Kum Ba Yah
  26. Little Birds In Winter Time
  27. Look For Signs That Summer's Done
  28. Look Out For Loneliness
  29. Lord, I Love To Stamp And Shout
  30. Milk bottle tops and paper bags
  31. Morning Has Broken
  32. Now Jesus One Day
  33. O Jesus, We Are Well And Strong
  34. O Lord! Shout For Joy!
  35. Over the earth is a mat of green
  36. Praise To God For Things We See
  37. See How The Snowflakes Are Falling
  38. Stand Up, Clap Hands, Shout Thank You, Lord
  39. The Farmer Comes To Scatter The Seed
  40. The Flowers That Grow In The Garden
  41. The Golden Cockerel
  42. The Ink Is Black, The Page Is White
  43. The Journey Of Life
  44. The Sun That Shines Across The Sea
  45. Think Of A World Without Any Flowers
  46. Think, Think On These Things
  47. This Is A Lovely World
  48. To God Who Makes All Lovely Things
  49. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  50. We have a King who rides a donkey
  51. We Praise You For The Sun
  52. We're Going Home
  53. When A Knight Won His Spurs
  54. When I Needed A Neighbour
  55. When Lamps Are Lighted
  56. When The Corn Is Planted
  57. Who Built The Ark?
  58. Who Can See The Great Wind Blow?
  59. Who's That Sitting In The Sycamore Tree?
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