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Sonsense Nongs

Mixed Songbook | Tuition
Instrumentation Vocal
Composer Michael Rosen
Publisher Collins Music

A hilarous collection of daft ditties and loony lyrics, all excellent for developing confidence in singing and literacy skills in children aged 5-11 years. Each song offers the opportunity for an accompaniment of silly sounds and the book itself is full of lively and humorous illustrations by Shoo Rayner. All songs in the book that have a piano accompaniment are included on a CD of piano backing tracks.

Difficulty Easy
Store Tuition
Product Format Mixed Songbook
Pages 80
ISBN 9780713659351
Edition Number 9780713659351
Catalog No. 9780713659351
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  1. A G-nu
  2. A Poor Old Man Was Crossing The Road
  3. A Trip To Morrow
  4. Apples and Bananas
  5. Are You Pink And Green?
  6. Back Chat
  7. Back Slang
  8. Black Socks
  9. Bugs Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me
  10. Busy Day
  11. Checkmate
  12. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
  13. Down Came The Rain
  14. Down In The Valley Where Nobody Goes
  15. Dunderbeck
  16. Ellery My Son
  17. Everybody's Doing It
  18. Five Little Monkeys
  19. Flash Bang Wallop
  20. Found A Peanut
  21. Frankenstein
  22. Frog Song
  23. Ging Gang Gooli
  24. Gunerania's Wedding Cake
  25. Hi! My Name's Joe
  26. High Hopes
  27. Hobble Gobble Wobble
  28. I Can't Do My Bally Bottom Button Up
  29. I Had A Sausage
  30. I Love To Do My Homework
  31. I'm A Little Wrong Note
  32. In Frisco Bay There Lives A Whale
  33. 'Itched Up
  34. Jelly Belly
  35. Jibber Jabber
  36. Joe's Got A Head Like A Ping-pong Ball
  37. Little Rabbit Foo Foo
  38. Lord Jim
  39. Mamma, Will You Buy Me A Banana?
  40. My Old Banjo
  41. My Old Man's A Dustman
  42. 'Neath the Crust Of The Old Apple Pie
  43. Nel And Ned
  44. No L
  45. Nobody Loves Me
  46. Nobody Nose
  47. Oh Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny Aff A Bus
  48. One Man Went To Mow
  49. Over The Garden Wall
  50. Peanut Butter
  51. Plainsy R.I.P.
  52. Purple People Eater
  53. Quick Quick
  54. School Dinners
  55. Shark Song
  56. Socked
  57. Something's Drastic
  58. Star Trekkin'
  59. Stitched Up
  60. Susanna's A Funniful Cow
  61. Sylvest
  62. Tall Straw Hat
  63. Tattie Soup
  64. The Bathtub Song
  65. The Biggest Aspidistra In The World
  66. The Court Of King Caractacus
  67. The Flies Crawl Up The Window
  68. The German Measles
  69. The Lollipop Song
  70. The Other Day I Met A Bear
  71. The Thing
  72. The Worms Crawl In The Worms Crawl Out
  73. Three Craws Sat Upon A Wa'
  74. Throw It Out The Window
  75. Tiffy Taffy Toffee
  76. Tv Dinners
  77. Undressed
  78. Washed Up
  79. When I Was A Wee Wee Tot
  80. Wizz Kings
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