Understanding Chord Progressions For Guitar

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Publisher: Wise Publications
Author: Arnie Berle
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
Chords, by themselves, have about as much value as words in a dictionary; words take on more meaning when they are used in sentences, and chords take on more meaning when they are used in progressions. Just as a story is made up of sentences, the harmony of a song is made up of progressions. In this book you will learn some of the more frequently used progressions in folk, blues, pop and jazz.
ISBN: 9780825636851
No of pages: 64
Language: English
Catalogue No: AM931250

        Musicroom Reviews

        Not for beginners or those needing more explanations - I bought this expecting to be able to improve my songwriting skills by expanding on chord choice, but its more advanced than I was expecting, is mainly full of barre chords and rather obscure voicings. Ideal for anyone with a good grounding in their chord theory or for a jazz musician exploring the full potential of jazz guitar but not as straightforward or useful to me as the description suggested.
        Anonymous - (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
        The best little book I have read on the subject, easy to follow, not too technical but very practical. A must for any serious jazzer.
        Anonymous - (Colchester, United Kingdom)
        An excellent book, in my opinion. Not sure if it's good for absolute beginners, but if you know how to harmonise the scale then you're away! Just noodle around with it, listen to what comes out, and increase your understanding... especially if you want to write some songs.
        Anonymous - (Huddersfield, United Kingdom)
        This is and excellent book, it really explains the hows , whens and whys about chords. Easy to follow, a must have. Having a dictionary of 5000 or so chord it's meaningless compared to having the knowledge and understanding of how chords are constructed, when to use them and why they function or not in diferent situations.
        Guillermo - (Montreal)

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        Understanding Chord Progressions For Guitar
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