Project Rescue: Save The Planet Director’s Score

Books | Voice, Piano Accompaniment

Publisher: Shawnee Press
Format: Sheet Music | Classroom Musical
Michael and Jill Gallina. A wonderful, well-researched musical about saving the planet as seen through the eyes of animals on land, sea and air. Through rhyming dialogue and creative characterisations, the animals teach young people on a picnic the three R’s of ecology - recycle, Replenish and Respect. The seven songs, in unison and two-part demonstrate a variety of blues, rap, calypso, ballad and funky rock styles. Students will enjoy dramatising the 12 animals (which are easily costumed), the eight young picnickers, the conga-line of fish and the chorus which can be any size. Director’s Score includes staging, costuming, props and scenery suggestions.
No of pages: 48
Language: English
Catalogue No: SP19649

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          Project Rescue: Save The Planet Director’s Score
          Voice, Piano Accompaniment