Jazz Rhythms For Sax

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Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.

These exercises, duets, and trios for Saxophones introduce young players to jazz rhythms from the earliest stages of playing. The exercises in this book have been carefully written by Paul Harvey not to be too difficult too soon, so that beginning students can benefit from the entire book.

The first 24 exercises are all eight bars long, with two parts each for B-flat and E-flat instruments. Each can be used as four exercises for Solo Saxophone, a duet for two same-pitch Saxophones, a duet for Alto and Tenor, a trio for two Altos and Tenor, or a Trio for Alto and two Tenors. All finish with a long note, so that the student can practice vibrato. The B-flat parts may also be useful as Clarinet duets for pupils just learning to cross the break. The last eight exercises are all twelve-bar blues in its most basic form, covering all keys up to four sharps and four flats and finishing with the relevant blue scale. For Grade 2-5 students.

ISBN: 9790570047079
Language: English
Catalogue No: 3611519

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    Jazz Rhythms For Sax