The Resource For Small Group Worship Volume Five

Books and CDs

Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
This exciting resource package contains everything you need for inspiring small group worship - a leader's manual and six books, each including a CD. There's music, prayer, readings, meditation - all drawn together by songwriter Chris Bowater, who has established a reputation as someone outstandingly gifted in leading people in worship. Each book contains all the material for 5 sessions, together with all the songs on CD.

This home-grown programme will appeal to the ever-increasing number of small group meetings which need tried and tested material.

Each package includes a spiral-bound book containing:

Meeting outline
Songs and music
Readings and prayers
Follow-up ideas
Photocopiable material (including words and music for use with a CCL licence)
FREE CD containing all the songs for groups without musicians

The sessions are themed. In each book, three are general, one is particularly suitable for a wide range of ages and one tackles social issues. There is also a leader's guide which describes the concept behind the programme and how best to use the material in small group worship.
ISBN: 9781840036480
Language: English
Catalogue No: 1450202