Stentor 3/4 MkII Cello Outfit

Instruments | Cello

Publisher: Stentor
Format: Instruments | Instrument
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This item can only be delivered to UK addresses.

This outfit offers outstanding value with hand carved solid tonewoods, ebony fingerboard and pegs and alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters.

A high quality rayon padded cover and good wood bow complete the outfit.

Hand made in the Stentor factory workshop, the Stentor Student II is a higher grade instrument made from selected tonewoods. The quality of the carving and expert workmanship produces a student Cello far superior to other student instruments produced in China.

Teachers in Britain and Europe demand a high standard of instrument. The Stentor Student II Cello outfit meets these standards and is now the first choice of most teachers.


  • Cello
    • Solid carved Spruce table
    • Solid carved Maple back, neck and ribs
    • Natural glues used throughout
    • Traditional inlaid purfling
    • Correct neck angle
  • Fittings
    • Ebony fingerboard
    • Ebony pegs
    • Well fitted Ebony top nut
    • Correctly reamed peg hole taper
    • Good quality bridge
    • Alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters
    • Adjustable nylon tailgut
  • Bow
    • Good quality wood bow with full mounted Ebony frog
  • Case
    • Thickly padded rayon cover with bow and accessory pockets, backstraps and carrying strap
Language: English
Catalogue No: 1108C

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