Elixir: Polyweb Acoustic Guitar Strings (Extra Light)

| Acoustic Guitar

Publisher: Elixir
Elixir strings are coated in a unique and patended way to protect wound strings from contaminants and corrosion. A flexible, strong, yet microthin polymer tube defends the string. This can be thought of as a heat shrink tube that's thinner than a human hair. Nothing (including the coating) gets between the windings.

These particular strings have a balanced tone and smooth response. They also feel comfortably smooth and reduce finger squeak.

Language: English
Catalogue No: E11000

        Musicroom Reviews

        Look and feel good quality. I tend not to change my strings until they break, so I'm hoping these will stay rust free for the long term. They sound ever so slightly duller than a bright new uncoated string, but new strings only stay that way for a very short time, and it really is hard to tell the difference. That's worth the premium price to me at the moment. Finger slide is more pleasant and less noisy on these strings. Lose one star just for the price.
        Anonymous - (Stafford, United Kingdom)
        Well worth the extra money for the tone and playability.
        Anonymous - (Didcot, United Kingdom)

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