Das Killerpilze-Fanbuch


Publisher: Bosworth
Format: Books | Biography
This biography of the up-and-coming German punk-rock band The Killer Mushrooms tells the story of one of the most innovative and original punk bands to emerge from Germany in years!

They're young, they're noisy, and they're real punk rockers in the midst of Germany's new music scene. The Killer Mushrooms have conquered the major concert venues and the charts while retaining their creative control by resisting the stifling music industry. With dedicated lyrics and genuine musicianship in their bones, they are an inspiring rock act for the young generation.

This book is packed with information that is essential for any rock music fan, with lots of images and up-to-date information about Schlagi's resignation. 
ISBN: 9783898976527
Published on: 30 May 2008
No of pages: 173
Language: German
Catalogue No: BOE7498

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