The Complete Piano Player Book 1 - CD Edition

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Publisher: Wise Publications
Author: Kenneth Baker
Format: Audio / Video | Backing Tracks
This best-selling Piano course teaches you to play using well-known pop and classical material, including songs by The Beatles and Abba, and music from composers such as Beethoven and Mozart.

Step by easy step, this proven course lays a solid musical foundation. You acquire sound technique and learn to play in any style with confidence. By the end of the course you will have a wonderful gift - the ability to play the kind of music you like best.

This first book focuses on
  • How to sit correctly
  • Musical timing
  • Developing a sense of rhythm
  • The Piano keyboard
  • Basic music theory
ISBN: 9781849384674
Published on: 23 August 2010
Language: English
Catalogue No: AM999955

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