Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto N°23, En Ut Majeur

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Composer: Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi (1673-1741) was an Italian composer, violinist and teacher in the Baroque era. His name has become synonymous with the series of Violin concertos known as the Four Seasons, but he also wrote over 500 other concertos for various instruments, as well as dozens of operas and several sacred works.

The Concerto No. 23 (RV 425) was written in 1725. Set in the key of C major, it was originally scored for solo Mandolin with String Orchestra and Continuo Bass (Cembalo). It has been arranged for Guitar or Mandolin with Piano accompaniment by the French composer Fernand Oubradous.

Language: French
Catalogue No: ETR000559

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    Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto N°23, En Ut Majeur
    Guitar, Piano Accompaniment