Stanley Green/Barry Monush: Hollywood Musicals Year By Year - Third Edition


Publisher: Applause Books
Format: Books | Reference
Whose singing voice was substituted for Marjorie Reynolds in Holiday Inn? What movie was the first to combine live action with animated cartoon characters? What movie did Marlon Brando first sing in? These and thousands of other interesting facts about Hollywood's favourite musicals are answered in Hollywood Musicals Year by Year.

This book provides a world of information, facts, and trivia about cinema's favourite musicals. Beginning with The Jazz Singer and moving through the years, this illustrated book documents more than 300 movies. Each entry includes the screenplay writer, producer, director, choreographer, cast list, song list, release date, plot summary, and interesting notes surrounding the production, cast, and spin-offs that the movie inspired. Hollywood Musicals Year by Year also contains many photographs of memorable moments in celluloid history.
ISBN: 9781423489030
Published on: 07 May 2010
No of pages: 483
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00314819