Orchestra Musician's CD-Rom Library Volume 6 - Mozart And Haydn (Double Bass)

CD-Roms / DVD-Roms | Double Bass

Publisher: CD Sheet Music, LLC
Format: Books | Music Technology
A revolutionary development in the distribution of printed music, making available the original orchestra parts from much of the great Classical, Romantic and Modern orchestral repertoire. Available on individual CD-Roms (CDRs) by instrument, the series currently includes over 500 symphonic masterworks in seven volumes, including music by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Dvorak, Ravel, Tchaichovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Elgar, Vaughan Williams Bartok and more.

The Orchestra Musician's CD-ROM Library offers an incredible saving over conventional study scores or the purchase/hire of an equivalent full orchestral set. Each CDR includes all parts for which the particular instrument is scored, in a particular work.

The music has been scanned from the best available 19th and early 20th Century editions, now in the public domain. (Breitkopf and Hartel, G Shirmer, Ricordi and many more). In many cases the originals scanned have been enhanced via the use of specially developed software, making the finished product better than the otherwise rarely available, original printed equivalents.

Easy to use and formatted for Adobe Reader. For PC users (with auto-run enabled), simply put the CDR in your drive and wait for the opening screen to display. Mac users should click on the 'Mac Table of Contents' icon. Once opened the table of contents is interactive enabling instant access to the individual piece of repertoire required.

This edition includes 81 Orchestral Masterworks on one CD-ROM!

Mozart: 16 symphonies; 14 piano concertos; Requiem; Mass in C Major; Mass in C Minor; 8 Opera Overtures; Violin Concertos 3-5; 12 Serenades/Divertimentos (55 works in all)

Haydn: 23 symphonies; The Creation; The Seasons (26 works in all)
ISBN: 9781423407577
Published on: 11 February 2010
Language: English
Catalogue No: OML00220160