Benz: Alto Saxophone Supreme Power Reeds - Strength 3.5 (5 Pack)

| Alto Saxophone

Publisher: Benz Reeds
Benz Power Reeds are recommended for "harder" styles such as funk, soul, rock, modern jazz or fusion. They can, however, work well in many musical contexts; much depends on the musician's personal preference.

Are you tired of wastage?
Have you had enough of buying packs of reeds for your Saxophone or Clarinet, only to end up throwing out half the reeds in the pack because they're duds? then consider Benz Reeds a prayer answered. Through very careful cane selection and a rigorous individual machining process, Benz-Reeds eliminate the concept of dud reeds altogether. A pack of 5 Benz-Reeds will have no blanks in the chamber. Just five of the finest quality woodwind reeds that will take your playing to another level and last longer than any of the competition.

Tired of the reed holding you back?
Does it feel like your instrument is somehow choked or congested? that its full musical palette is being withheld from you? Benz-Reeds are the perfect remedy for this all too common condition. They will allow you to exploit your instrument's full tonal capabilities while ensuring that the timbre remains musical throughout the spectrum. Benz-Reeds will quite simply awaken your instrument and sweeten its soul.

Want to concentrate on your playing?
Does your schedule not easily allow you the time required to "break in" a new reed? Have you longed for a reed you can just "pick and play" without the tedious rituals of selecting, wetting, sandpapering and playing in? With Benz-Reeds, you can install a new reed and hit the stage straight away with complete confidence that your reed will deliver. On a Benz Reed, all the groundwork has already been taken care of. Now you can stop worrying about your sound and get on with the business of playing. Isn't that what it's all about?
Published on: 11 February 2010
Language: English
Catalogue No: BSP5SA35