Turn It Up And Lay It Down - Volume 2

CDs | Drums

Publisher: DrumFun Inc.
Author: Spencer Strand
Format: Audio / Video | Backing Tracks
A must own collection for every serious drummer that wants to learn how to play well with others. This series covers a wide range of musical styles from Rock to Jazz and Latin/Afro-Cuban to Funk and Heavy Metal.

These tools are invaluable for the student who can't seem to find available band mates at the drop of a hat. With Turn It Up And Lay It Down, you are the drummer on the song... so you have the flexibility and freedom to create innumerable beats with the Bass, Guitar, and Horn lines without feeling confined by a previously recorded drum performance.

Turn it Up... Volume 2 features all new grooves in a more song form oriented format... more Funk , more Rock, Odd time signatures, Reggae, and some piano montunos to play on top of. Make no mistake, this CD is no harder than Volume 1 just different. This highly acclaimed sequel is fun as well as being a great ear training tool. Great grooves from T.M. Stevens, Chuck Bergeron and Dave DeMarco.
ISBN: 9781423471790
Published on: 05 November 2009
Length: 70
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00451091

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