Promark: S22 Cymbal Sizzler

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Publisher: Promark
Produces a sound very similar to "sizzle" cymbals... No holes to drill. Easy to install and remove. Like the R22 "Rattler", but with small beads.
Published on: 01 June 2009
Language: English
Catalogue No: S22

      Musicroom Reviews

      Another awesome Pro mark product! Obviously people have been doing this for a long time with necklaces etc, but this saves risking jewelry and the hunt for exactly the right sound. When playing out on a cymbal you can't even hear the difference between this and rivets really - it also has great scope on crashes and chinas where drilling is more rare and less desirable (can often cause cracking). One thing I will say though, is that unlike rivets, this puts a fair amount of weight in one solid block on the cymbal, and whilst in higher volume settings this is irrelevant, when trying to get very quite sounds with hot rods, the sizzler can actually kill the cymbal. Simple to solve though: Use it for playing up, and use your second ride (I do hope you've got one of them ;) Invaluable tool!) for the tinkly bits!
      Anonymous - (Radstock, United Kingdom)

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