A Rhythmic Concept for Jazz Guitar

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Publisher: Advance Music
Author: Peter O Mara
This book features twelve original compositions especially written to develop improvisational as well as comping skills with an emphasis on rhythm. Each piece deals with a specific rhythmical task: offbeats; repeating motifs; syncopation; swing/latin hybrids; bebop; polyrhythms; 4/4 - 3/4 hybrids; 6/8; odd-metre (5/4 - 7/4) and is presented in order of increasing complexity.The audio CD included features a superb rhythm section (Henning Sieverts on contrabass and Mario Gonzi on drums) as well as author Peter O´Mara, who demonstrates each theme and comping. The student can "play-along" to the original guitar tracks or just jam to bass and drums if he chooses.Another bonus are the midifiles, which can be incorporated into computer sequenzer software for more variation.An essential book for the developing jazz guitarist!
ISBN: 9790206302794
Language: English
Catalogue No: ADV10027

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