Tipbook: Piano - The Complete Guide

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Publisher: Hal Leonard
Series: Tipbook
Format: Books | Instrumental Reference
Choosing a Piano becomes a lot easier with the knowledge provided in Tipbook Piano, a guidebook that helps readers gain a better understanding of this complex, expensive instrument without going into "data overload".

How to evaluate an instrument's timbre, how to judge and compare Piano keyboards and pedals, the influence of the instrument's dimensions, different types of cabinets, the difference between laminated and solid wood soundboards, accessories, Hybrid and Digital Pianos, and why tuning and regulation are so important - everything is covered in this handy guide.

All Tip Books feature online audio examples through Tip Codes. When the corresponding code is entered into the free website (www.tipbook.com) audio examples of topics discussed in the book come alive; including scales, performances, and terms.

ISBN: 9781423462781
Published on: 13 July 2009
No of pages: 238
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00332777

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