Valerie Lippoldt Mack: Ice Breakers 2 - 64 More Games And Fun Activities


Publisher: Shawnee Press
Format: Books | Storybook
Here is the sequel to the wildly popular classroom resource book from celebrated educator Valerie Lippoldt Mack, a Kansas resident whose work has been featured at ACDA, MENC, Carnegie Hall and Disney World.

IceBreakers 2 includes 64 more games & activities (as well as numerous variations) designed to build teamwork skills, energize the classroom, and focus the kids. Many, but not all, of the suggestions also teach musical concepts. The six sections in the sequel include:

  • IceBreakers - Remixed! Great variations on familiar games such as Simon Says, Hide & Seek, Hot & Cold, Bingo, etc.
  • Stress Busters - Solving Problems as a Team.
  • Creative Activities - Thinking Outside the Box.
  • Retreat Makers - Building Relationships.
  • Life Lessons - Establishing Respect.
  • Holiday Games - Celebrating Special Occasions.
ISBN: 9781592352470
Published on: 20 May 2009
No of pages: 72
Language: English
Catalogue No: SPM0762