Christoph Willibald Gluck: Orfeo Ed Euridice (Full Score)

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Publisher: Dover Publications
Format: Sheet Music | Score
Gluck's 'Orfeo et Euridice' was one of three operas composed by Gluck in an attempt to reform the Italian opera seria. The libretto is noble and grand and this must have inspired Gluck, for his approach to the score is also monumental, as well as orchestral in nature.

The opera opens after the death of Euridice to a funereal choral tableau which is pierced by the cries of the anguished Orfeo. Huge dramatic choruses of shades and furies contrast starkly with the solo recitatives and arias of Orfeo as he searches for Euridice. The third act is particularly beautiful, as Gluck and Calzabigi turn the shade of Euridice into a complex lover and wife, unwilling to follow her husband blindly out of Hades, even though she has been called back to life. Her arguments and pleadings, her passion and confusion, create the torment in Orfeo that results in her being sent back to hell.

This is an unabridged Dover re-publication.
ISBN: 9780486273242
No of pages: 160
Language: English, German, Italian
Catalogue No: DP14754

        Musicroom Reviews

        Just a word of warning that this full score is in all the original clefs, including all the vocal parts. So unless you are an expert at reading obscure clefs, you will find it very hard to read from. Instrumentalists might be good at this but, as a mere singer, I have given up and am now looking for an ordinary vocal score. This edition, being "authentic", is lacking in later additions which you would expect to find in an appendix e.g. the usual ending to "Che faro", or "Addio, miei sospiri", which you might not want to do in performance but makes a useful concert aria. So while it might be fine as a study score, it is not very practical as a performing edition.
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