Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No.15 In A Op.141 (Study Score)

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Publisher: Sikorski
Format: Books | Study Score
Shostakovich’s fifteenth symphony differs substantially in many ways from his other late symphonies. The eleventh (1957), subtitled The Year 1905, and the twelfth (1960), subtitled The Year 1917, are both programmatic symphonies, relating to political and historical events within the year of which they are subtitled. The next two symphonies are sung texts, with vocal and/or choral parts: thirteenth (1962) and fourteenth (1969) symphonies.

With the Symphony No.15 In A Op.141, Shostakovich’s last foray in the genre, the composer returned to a purely instrumental and non-programmatic composition, which inhabits a purely emotional and intellectual plane, quite removed from the world of politics and history.

Available here is the pocket or study score of Shostakovich’s last symphony, the Symphony No.15 in A Op.141. This is an excellent Sikorski edition score, and is ideal for study and perusal purposes.
ISBN: 9790003017365
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