Producing Music With Digital Performer

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Publisher: Berklee Press
Author: Ben Newhouse
Format: Books | Music Technology
Producing Music with Digital Performer is a comprehensive guide to the features and strategies behind one of the most powerful pieces of music production software.

By learning the ins and outs of Digital Performer's intuitive interface and powerful tool set, you'll learn why it is the tool of choice for so many msuic makers. You'll learn many techniques for making your MIDI productions sound more natural, your working methods more efficient, and your command of Digital Performer's capabilities more complete.
Beginning users will learn basic skills and a practical approach to digital music making, and more seasoned users will learn efficient strategies, shortcuts, and advanced techniques to help them get the most out of this powerul software. Learn how to

  • Set up your Digital Performer Studio
  • Record and edit bothy MIDI and audio
  • Make your MIDI productions sound musical
  • Mix and master your recording onto a CD
  • Synchronize your music to video
  • Song files included! The accompanying CD-ROM provides audio recordings and project setups that illustrate many of the effects and working strategies being discussed. Guided hands-on-projects help you practise the presented techniques.
  • ISBN: 9780876390566
    Published on: 01 October 2004
    No of pages: 232
    Language: English
    Catalogue No: HL50448050

      Musicroom Reviews

      I’ve never used Digital Performer or Mac OS X before although I’ve been recording with PC gear and software for many years. I purchased “Producing Music with Digital Performer” because I was interested in working at a studio that uses DP. The book made very few assumptions about what I already knew. Author Ben Newhouse does a fine job of introducing the newbie to all the basics of DP4 including project folders, templates, sequences, and all the various navigation tools and control panel drawers. The approach taken is always practical and musically relevant as most of the instruction takes the form of “rebuilding” an instrumental track from the included audio CD. Step by step the reader is guided through how to set up the necessary tracks, record, and edit, first using MIDI tracks then audio tracks. A valuable chapter on Mixing demonstrates how to ‘put it all together’ while considering different types of studio set ups. The final chapter provides twelve DP project ‘exercises’ that drill you on everything covered in the book, from setting up a project and naming tracks to audio editing and automation. Overall I really like this book, I think it’s given me a great heads up on using Digital Performer.
      Anonymous - (Canada)