Frederic Chopin: Chopin's Letters


Publisher: Dover Publications
Composer: Frederic Chopin
Author: Henryk Opienski
Format: Books | Biography
This superbly edited selection of nearly three hundred of Chopin's letters, the first to be published in English, vividly reveals the composer as man and artist. The tone of the letters is exuberantly engaging. Their contents offer rare glimpses into Chopin's childhood environment, his mind and character, his tragic love for George Sand, the origins of many of his compositions, the various musical influences which shaped his creative ideas and habits, and the artistic circles in which he moved.

Chopin’s Letter have been collected by Henryk Opienski, and translated, with preface and editorial notes, by E.L. Voynich.
ISBN: 9780486255644
No of pages: 436
Language: English
Catalogue No: DP13533

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