The Complete Rock Family Trees


Publisher: Omnibus Press
Author: Pete Frame
Format: Books | History
As seen on BBC TV, Pete Frame's Rock Family Trees are world famous and his books have become classics of rock literature. Here for the first time, Volumes one and two of Rock Family Trees are bound into one complete edition. Amongst others, Frame traces the development and history of Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Madness, Genesis, T-Rex and The Police in his own inimitable and extraordinarily detailed way. His hand-drawn rock trees have appeared in Melody Maker, NME, Rolling Stone, Q and Vox, as well as in numerous tour programmes and on record sleeves.
ISBN: 9780711904651
No of pages: 132
Language: English
Catalogue No: OP42811

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        Absolute perfect!!!
        Anonymous - ()
        As a teenager in the mid-1980's, I became so engrossed with rock music trivia (particularly classic rock) that I hatched the crazy idea of making -- you guessed it -- rock family trees. Then, sometime in the mid-1990's, I received this book as a gift...and proceeded to burn all of my work. (Just kidding - I'm saving it with the hope of collaborating with him some day. Mr. Frame, if you're reading this, PLEASE EMAIL ME!)<br> Mr. Frame has worked extensively in the music industry as both a journalist and an employee of one or more record companies. And although he relates the various anecdotes about these family trees in a freewheeling and geeky manner (which any rock trivia geek should appreciate), the anecdotes themselves ooze trivia -- belying his intimacy with, and recognition within, the industry. From no other author will you get such a cornucopia of anecdotal rock music knowledge. In addition, his family tree layouts are rather meticulously constructed - the man must spend hours or even days pulling out hair over how to draw these things! Occasionally, though, he'll gloss over a band's particular lineup if it was short-lived or rather insignificant, which is a bit of a letdown for an anally retentive family tree drawer like myself. All in all, though, this and all other rock music trivia books written by Mr. Frame are must-haves for any would-be fountain of rock music knowledge. (The only way that they could get any better is if Mr. Frame taps me to help him construct the trees!)
        John Rigali - (Duarte, California, USA)

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