The Ultimate Biography Of The Bee Gees: Tales Of The Brothers Gibb


Catalogue No: OP49709
Artist: Bee Gees
Format: Books | Biography
ISBN: 9781844490578
Published on: 15 October 2003
No of pages: 768
Language: English
Publisher: Omnibus Press

    Musicroom Reviews

    Despite the third 'revision' (additional chapters - no changes to older material) to this book in 3 years, it remains a book that is a compilation of primarily uncredited, unsourced articles from newspapers and magazines, and interviews with those who give second- and third-hand reports. It is filled with factual inaccuracies, gives no references to support their 'facts', uses old quotes with no date, so that one can't tell when the person actually made a statement (some 40-year-old quotes are treated as if new!) and implies that it has the Gibb family backing, when they refused to cooperate with the authors, and will not acknowledge the book.
    Cindy - (UK)
    This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive book that has ever been written about the Gibb brothers. As a fan of the group I thought that I knew a lot about them but this book certainly opened my eyes about quite a few things. There are some fantastic photos in here too, and the song list in the appendices is just amazing. Readers should also be aware that many an "unofficial" biography contains behind the scenes contributions from their subject matter, despite public (image) denials to the contrary, and such is the detail of some of the information within this well informed book, it seems clear to me that there must have been some co-operation with either the brothers or their representatives at some point. To sum up - an engrossing read for those fans of the group who are prepared to accept that their heroes have human frailties just like the rest of us.
    Stewart - ()
    A well researched, totally comprehensive book. A massive undertaking to try and record the history of band who have been going over 40 years and whose private life has to this date been kept relatively quite. The book also gave me a great understanding of the complex relationships they have with each other. A great read.
    Martin - ()
    Whoever decided to call this The Ultimate Biography Of The Bee Gees certainly got it right! This is a well written and researched book, detailing the 40+ year career of one of today's most successful and influential pop groups. Refreshingly, it includes new interviews with over a hundred people who were there as things happened and who give an unprecedented view of the workings of the Gibb Brothers within the framework of the group. Finding these people must in itself have been a mammoth task - and HOW do you get to interview Ahmet Ertegun? Personal lives and the tragedies of Andy and Maurice's deaths are also covered in detail, but respectfully. Highly recommended!
    Studmuffin - ()