Get It Licked: Play The Blues 3CD Box

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Author: Michael Messer
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
Published on: 01 October 2003
Length: 210
Language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish
Catalogue No: GIL01

        Musicroom Reviews

        This is an excellent collection of Blues backing tracks that you can jam along to whatever level of playing you have. The diversity of Blues styles featured is massive. If you're looking to be the next Yngwie Malmsteen then go and get yourself one of those 1500-page chord and scale books as this is not for you. If you really want to develop your overall playing and tap into the spirit of the Blues then buy this!
        Anonymous - (Preston, United Kingdom)
        These recordings have done what no other book or CD has been able to do, helped me to really develop my improvisational technique - I fancy joining a band now!
        Anonymous - ()
        However from the first track it was clear this was a product that leaves ALL other similar products in the dust. Every track is superb!
        n - (reading, United Kingdom)
        These are the most professionally sounding backing tracks I've ever heard. Every style of the blues is covered. One slight criticism though. Some of the sample tracks containing the lead guitar last only about 30 seconds. That's long enough to get an idea what's going on, however, from purely a listening point of view I would have preferred full tracks, with and without lead guitar.
        Sharpy - (wakefield, United Kingdom)
        What a rip-off! Nearly 25 quid for a collection of old backing tracks! How can this, by any stretch of the imagination, be described as a guitar tutor? There is not one word of guidance, not one diagram to illustrate the scales. This is no advance on buying a record and attempting to copy it if you can. Musicroom, hang your head in shame for stocking a product like this. To other guitar students, take my tip; buy a cheap tape recorder and record a few backing tracks yourself.
        Martin - (Sheffield, United Kingdom)
        Play The Blues has been an absolute revelation to me. It's the finest and most innovative release of the last 10 years and is like nothing else I've seen or heard before. It's quite simply the best music purchase I've made since I bought a guitar in the first place! Get it now, you'll be delighted you did.
        Billy - (Liverpool)
        If you are an absolute blues beginner, or are looking for a blues tutor package then this product is not for you. However, if you need some space to practice and hone your blues licks, and want to have a ball and be inspired while you play then this compilation is just what the doctor ordered. What you get with this boxed set are the very best backing tracks that I have ever heard, which range across the spectrum of blues genres. They are absolutely excellent for practicing and developing your own improvisational style across – and don’t feel they are only restricted to electric guitar. I have used them for working on my dobro, harp, bass guitar, bottleneck and lap steel technique. Michael Messer has done an excellent job and put a great deal of thought and artistry into this compilation. He has been greatly praised in the music press for the production quality on his albums and the same care has been taken on this project. If you are at the stage where you could do with some “hands-on” time to develop your lead improvisation you will be hard pressed to find a better product.
        Anonymous - (Tywyn, United Kingdom)
        I have been playing for quite a few years but I find that playing the blues doesn't come easy. Practicing the moves, and the licks etc. against a good backing band really helps, and on these CD's you have all these blues styles to play along with! It's a useful aid if you can play the blues and want to improve. If you are a beginner buy a tutor a DVD or book etc. I have been playing for quite a few years but I find that playing the blues doesn't come easy. Practicing the moves and the licks against a good backing band really helps, and these CD's have all these blues styles to play along with! If you want to play with a top class backing band and if you play the blues but want to improve, then this is it!
        Anonymous - (St. Agnes, United Kingdom)
        Great product!! I agree with many others. This is as close to a real band as you can possibly get. The only slightly unrealistic thing is that no self respecting band would ever put up with me soloing the same track over and over. So much fun and so useful.
        Anonymous - ()
        I agree with other reviewers of this product who have appreciated just exactly what it is about - a collection of different Blues tracks, covering a wide range of styles from the best musical genre on the planet! No, there is no tablature (but you do get notes with the all important Key for each track and some useful information about the different tunings used by supporting guitarists on some tracks), but that's the whole point - it's about sorting out your rhythm playing alongside a band, or trying out your soloing expression. If you want tuition, buy a tuition book/CD/DVD; if you want a practice jamming album that will really help you - buy this! Your only other option is to form a band of your own!
        Anonymous - (Salisbury)
        This CD is great as far as it goes, but it would be a classic learning tool if it included tablature of the demonstrations. This would make it much more valuable to players of all levels.
        timin8er - (salinas, United States)
        If you play (or want to play) blues this set is a must have. It is the best learning tool I have seen or heard in 20 years of playing. Each track gives plenty of time for players of all levels to Jam along with. Stunning value for your money.
        Steve - (Kent)
        Fantastic product, my only regret is that I didn't discover it a lot sooner. If you don't have a band then this really is the next best thing. It has real musicians playing real and authentic instruments. If this doesn't improve your playing take your guitar into the garden say a few short words then bury it!Excellent.
        Anonymous - (Hull, United Kingdom)
        This is a wonderful set of recordings that does exactly what it says on the box - it's really helped to improve my blues playing and I'm getting hours of use from it. It's got all sorts of different blues styles on it along with some helpful tips, and I'd recommend this to everyone who likes playing the guitar. Brilliant!
        Chada - (London)

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