Rolf Wallin: Frap

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Publisher: Chester Music
Composer: Rolf Wallin
Format: Sheet Music | Score

Frap, an anglicized version of the French ‘frapper’ meaning ‘to hit’, was commissioned by the Safri Duo of Danish electronic Percussionists as a short opener for their concerts. Wallin describes the lighthearted pieces as ‘a game exploring togetherness and not-togetherness’. At various points, the musicians are instructed to play in unison, in syncopation, or freely or to play in canon with an eighth (quaver) note separation and are given other choices. Therefore, each performance of Frap will be unique.

Composer Rolf Wallin is a renowned Nordic composer whose work encompasses elements of classical training, jazz, early music and avant garde rock while incorporating a wide range of techniques and expressions.

Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced Explain this
No of pages: 16
Language: English
Catalogue No: CH67518

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            Rolf Wallin: Frap