Robbie Gladwell: Basic Kit Repair

Books | Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Publisher: Music Sales
Author: Robert Gladwell
Series: Basic
Format: Books | Instrumental Reference
Basic Kit Repair contains a vast wealth of simple, helpful tips for maintaining Guitars, Amplifiers, PA equipment and Drums. Gone are the days when you have to take your gear to an expensive tech who may do more harm than good, now you can fix your things for free, for life!

How many times have you sat down to play something and you find your Guitar or Drums just aren't working the way they should? Not only will Basic Kit Repair tell you what's wrong with your gear, it will also teach you how to fix it to get all your equipment sounding just right again. For an entry-level guide to figuring out what has gone wrong with your instrument, and repairing your Guitars or Amplifiers easily, you can do not much better than this comprehensive and clear guide.

For Guitars, Basic Kit Repair will guide you through those difficult and often-complex issues such as adjusting the Truss-Rod, changing the action and intonation, how to restring a Guitar, as well as troubleshooting unfortunately common hardware problems. For drummers, basic maintenance will prove invaluable to extending the lifetime of your precious percussion while detailed instructions on changing Drum heads and a guide to which tools to always keep with you will ensure your Drums stay in tip-top condition. 

As for the electronic part of your gear, Basic Kit Repair will let you know how to conduct routine maintenance out on your Amplifiers as well as your PA equipment, as well as details on the best way to safely store and transport these fragile pieces of kit. 

With Basic Kit Repair, you'll be well on your way to looking after your own instrument, as well as those of your bandmates! Author Robbie Gladwell subscribes to the adage that you can take your Guitar to a tech and have it fixed for a day, but being taught how to repair and maintain your Guitar will set you for life.
ISBN: 9781860743849
Published on: 20 February 2003
No of pages: 96
Language: English
Catalogue No: SMT1540

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      Robbie Gladwell: Basic Kit Repair
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