Joel Rothman's Mini-Monster Book Of Rock Drumming (Revised Edition)

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Publisher: J.R. Publications
Author: Joel Rothman
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor
Joel Rothman's Mini-Monster Book Of Rock Drumming contains hundreds of exercises to develop the basic drum techniques necessary to cope with various forms of rock music.

There are two main sections - the first half deals with two, three, and four-way coordination, while the second half focuses on various approaches to playing rock breaks.

Many of the pages that deal with coordination have exercises notated with a steady eighth-note rock cymbal rhythm. After mastering the exercises as written you can gain even greater coordination by replaying them with a straight quarter-note cymbal rhythm as well as a cymbal rhythm with continual upbeat eighth-notes.

This edition has been revised and greatly expanded with new material - it is now almost double the size of the original version.

Published on: 13 January 2009
No of pages: 84
Language: English
Catalogue No: JRP2

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          Musicroom Reviews

          Good fun book to learn by, and/or expand repertoire
          Anonymous - (Hampshire, United Kingdom)
          A great selection of drum exercises of progressive levels
          Anonymous - (Hook, United Kingdom)