Easy Piano Pieces From Bachs Sons To Beethoven

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Publisher: Schott Music
To supplement his 'European Piano Method', Fritz Emonts has published a number of accompanying tune books deepening the lessons and providing literature for all important epochs in music history. The present book with pieces from the classical period can be used simultaneously with vols. 2 and 3 of the method, also containing rare pieces from the rococo, pre-classical and classical eras. Among them are works by the Bach sons and Hook, Diabelli, Galuppi, Hässler, Kirnberger, Reichardt and many more. The new edition enlarged to 48 pages now also contains some of the well-known early Mozart pieces K 1 - K 3, the Rondo in D major K 15d as well as Beethoven's Sonatinas in F major and G major and the classic 'For Elise'. A perfect anthology for piano lessons on the 'classical music' topic.
Published on: 03 October 1999
Language: English
Catalogue No: ED4747