Variations And Fur Alina

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Publisher: Universal Edition
Format: Sheet Music | Instrumental Album

In 1976, the long silence finally gave birth to music - to the piano miniature Für Alina. It is clear that, with this piece, Pärt had found himself, and the compositional technique he used then for the first time inspires his oeuvre to this day. The technique, upon which Pärt has bestowed the name Tintinnabuli (Latin for 'little bells'), is achieved not through a progressive increase in complexity, but much rather results from an extreme reduction of the sonic material and from the discipline of limiting oneself solely to that which is essential. (Nora Pärt, Saale Kareda)

ISBN: 9783702405601
Published on: 21 October 1996
Language: English
Catalogue No: UE19823

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