Per Nørgård: Libro Per Nobuko (Viola)

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Composer: Per Norgard
Format: Sheet Music | Instrumental Album
Programme Note Per Nørgård LIBRO PER NOBUKO (1992)LIBRO PER NOBUKO (BOOK FOR NOBUKO) consists of two pieces written for Nobuko Imai, the Japanese violist.Dedicated Nobuko Imai (1) and Bo [Vincens Steensen-Leth] (2) 1: Sonata 'The Secret Melody' (1a Prologue, 1b Roaming, 1c Singing, 1d Playing, 1e Epilogue) 2: Bofast (in English: Resident)The first (and longest) piece is a sonata in five movements called LA MELODIA SEGRETA (THE SECRET MELODY). The title is borrowed from a book by Trinh Xuan Thuan, the Vietnamese astrophysicist. Of the mysterious and inexplicable order of the universe he writes: Nature sends us the notes of a music formed by a melody that will remain secret forever.The five movements of the sonata circumscribe a hidden melody: a clear melodic shape appears often enough, but it soon reveals itself as being part of another, superior melody - and so on. In this labyrinthine way the three middle movements, framed by a short prologue and epilogue, unfold different moods (roaming, singing, playing) in an eternal hide-and-seek of the melody (melodies).The second piece for Nobuko, BOFAST (RESIDENT) is dedicated to Bo Vincens Steensen-Leth, in gratitude of the many and selfless services he has rendered to the musical audiences at the locality of Langeland, Denmark. The piece remains faithful to one single motif, a "resident", like Bo and his ancestors who have been residents at the manor house Steensgaard for over 400 years.Per Nørgård, 1997
ISBN: 9788759809075
Published on: 01 January 1992
No of pages: 16
Length: 3
Language: English
Catalogue No: WH30387

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