Sonata No 2 Flute Solo

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Publisher: Schott Music
Harald Genzmer composed this Flute Sonata at the suggestion of Dr Peter Hanser-Strecker, Chairman of Schott Music. On 7 November 1999 Genzmer sent it to SMI with the words: I enclose an entirely new sonata for the flute. I have been careful to avoid the problematic areas for the flute: there are no harmonics, no very high or low notes, and so on. I have really enjoyed working on it, and make no secret of the fact that I am very fond of the piece.A rewarding piece for playing in concerts and competitions; well suited to the instrument and imaginatively composed.
ISBN: 9790001133661
Published on: 19 January 2003
Language: English
Catalogue No: FTR187

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