O'Neill's Music Of Ireland (Revised)

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Publisher: Oak Publications
Artist: Miles Krassen
Format: Sheet Music | Instrumental Album
Miles Krassen has gathered and re-edited more than 900 tunes, bringing up to date Capt. Francis O'Neill's famed collection of Irish dance music, airs, jigs, reels, hornpipes, and marches.
ISBN: 9780825601736
No of pages: 256
Language: English
Catalogue No: OK63206

          Musicroom Reviews

          Asfar as Mr. Krassen's abilities as a musician and teacher, there is no doubt... he has three publications and all are clear and easily understood, but in this particular case he has oversimplified to the point of destruction. O'Neill's in it's original form has more errors in it than you can shake a set of Uielleann Pipes at, but Mr. Krassen completely eliminates the section of 600 some Airs and Songs, fails to number the individual tunes he does include and generally re-writes most of the tunes in the book to his own particular view of Irish Traditional Music. The elimination of the Airs and Songs section may be viewed by some as an improvement...the majority of these are never played in seisun or concert, and many were written by Cap't O'Neill himself, but their exclusion IMHO damaged the books credibility. The lack of individual song numbers makes it difficult to find anyting in particular and also makes it hard to coorelate the revise tunes to the original tunes. On the whole, I would not purchase this edition.
          vmartin brennan - (philadelphia)
          The problem isn't only that a lot of tunes have been left out. Krassen has altered many tunes so that instead of presenting piping versions -- which the original offered -- we now have simplified fiddle-friendly versions. O'Neill was a piper and many of the versions of tunes he saved came from pipers. In Krassen's version a lot of the classical, 19th. Century pipery flavour has been sacrificed to "cleaner," modern versions. This is the last edition of O'Neills one should consider buying.
          David Levine - (New Hampshire, USA)

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